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  2. Sallie Mae - Wikipedia

    SLM Corporation (commonly known as Sallie Mae; originally the Student Loan Marketing Association) is a publicly traded U.S. corporation that provides consumer banking.Its nature has changed dramatically since it was set up in the early 1970s; initially a government entity that serviced federal education loans, it then became private and began offering private student loans.

  3. How to reach executive customer service at Sallie Mae - AOL

    For premium support please call: 800-290-4726 more ways to reach us

  4. Navient - Wikipedia

    navient .com. Navient Corporation is an American student loan servicer based in Wilmington, Delaware. Managing nearly $300 billion in student loans for more than 12 million debtors, the company was formed in 2014 by the split of Sallie Mae into two distinct entities: Sallie Mae Bank and Navient. Navient employs 6,000 people at offices across ...

  5. Nelnet - Wikipedia

    Nelnet, Inc., is a United States–based conglomerate that primary focused on financial services including student and consumer loan origination and servicing. Additionally, the company operates an investing arm, an internet bank and owns Allo Fiber, a cable and internet provider. The company is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska .

  6. Navient Student Loan Settlement Leaves Many With a Bill To Pay

    Borrowers eligible for debt cancellation must have taken out private subprime student loans through Sallie Mae — Navient’s predecessor — between 2002 and 2014.

  7. Student loans in the United States - Wikipedia

    The US first major government loan program was the Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae), formed in 1973. [clarification needed] Before 2010, federal loans included: loans originated and funded directly by the Department of Education (DOE) government guaranteed loans originated and funded by private investors.

  8. Federal Family Education Loan Program - Wikipedia

    The Federal Family Education Loan ( FFEL) Program was a system of private student loans which were subsidized and guaranteed by the United States federal government. The program issued loans from 1965 until it was ended in 2010. Similar loans are now provided under the Federal Direct Student Loan Program, which are federal loans issued directly ...


    Sallie Mae Complete Loan Application is a webpage on Wikipedia that provides information on how to apply for a student loan from Sallie Mae, a leading US company in the field of education finance. The webpage explains the eligibility criteria, the interest rates, the repayment options and the benefits of choosing Sallie Mae as a lender.