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  2. List of hospitals in Washington (state) - Wikipedia

    Washington Rural Health Collaborative & Northwest Rural Health Network North Valley Hospital: Tonasket: Okanogan: 25: IV Northwest Hospital: Seattle: King: 281 IV: UW Medicine 1960 Ocean Beach Hospital Ilwaco: Pacific: 15 IV Washington Rural Health Collaborative 1934 Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center Odessa: Lincoln: 48 V Northwest Rural Health ...

  3. Economics of English towns and trade in the Middle Ages

    William the Conqueror invaded England in 1066, defeating the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson at the Battle of Hastings and placing the country under Norman rule. This campaign was followed by fierce military operations known as the Harrying of the North between 1069–70, extending Norman authority across the north of England.

  4. Arab wedding - Wikipedia

    This is not the case with rural areas or for example most parts of Saudi Arabia where they still do the original traditional Arab Islamic wedding style. In rural areas of countries like Egypt, after the zaffa, the wedding ceremony will usually take place in a big clearing, where a huge Arabic tent called a sewan (صوان) has been set up. The ...

  5. Vijayanagara Empire - Wikipedia

    The Gajapati king removed the Vijayanagara control over the Tamil country by occupying the Reddi kingdoms of Rajahmundry, Kondaveedu, Kanchipuram, and Tiruchirapalli. These defeats reduced the Vijayanagara Empire's prestige, described by an inscription which described the Gajapati king as "a yawning lion to the sheep of the Karnatak King".