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  2. Ammunition - Wikipedia

    Ammunition (informally ammo) is the material fired, scattered, dropped or detonated from any weapon or weapon system. Ammunition is both expendable weapons (e.g., bombs, missiles, grenades, land mines) and the component parts of other weapons that create the effect on a target (e.g., bullets and warheads).

  3. Firearms regulation in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    Cartridge-ammunition handguns, regardless of calibre; Firearms disguised as another item (e.g. walking sticks, mobile telephones, etc.) Rockets and mortars. Air guns chambered for self-contained gas cartridges. (Existing owners prior to 20 January 2004 were allowed ownership subject to obtaining a firearm certificate)

  4. 2020 Nova Scotia attacks - Wikipedia

    Events April 18 Portapique attacks. The attacks originated in the rural beachside community of Portapique, 130 kilometres (81 mi) north of Halifax. According to a statement provided by Wortman's wife (who has been charged for her involvement in the incident), Wortman attacked her while she was in bed, fired shots in her direction, and forced her into an unregistered replica police vehicle that ...

  5. Open carry in the United States - Wikipedia

    Open carry legal in rural counties with local ordinances allowing open carry. Some of these counties issue a permit for open carry. Additionally, a person may also open carry if he or she "reasonably believes that any person or the property of any person is in immediate, grave danger and that the carrying of the weapon is necessary for the ...

  6. Crossmolina - Wikipedia

    Crossmolina is a town in the Barony of Tyrawley in County Mayo, Ireland, as well as the name of the parish in which Crossmolina is situated. The town sits on the River Deel near the northern shore of Lough Conn.

  7. Home Guard (United Kingdom) - Wikipedia

    All the American guns (M1917 Enfield Rifles, BAR, Lewis light machine guns, and Browing M1917 machine guns) used the .30-06 Springfield cartridge, an 0.30 inch round, a type of ammunition totally different from and more powerful than the 0.303 round used by the service issue British Lee–Enfield rifle. A 2-inch-wide (51 mm) red band was ...

  8. Gun violence in the United States - Wikipedia

    Bill Clinton, the Department of Justice conducted a survey in 1994 that placed the usage rate of guns used in personal defense at 1.5 million times per year, but noted this was likely to be an overestimate. A May 2014 Harvard Injury Control Research Center survey about firearms and suicide completed by 150 firearms researchers found that only 8% of firearm researchers agreed that 'In the ...

  9. Military history of China before 1911 - Wikipedia

    Tianjin arsenal made Dahlgren guns, 10,000 Remington rifles monthly, as of 1872. Li Hongzhang in 1890 added equipment, allowing it to make Maxim Machine guns, Nordenfelt cannons, Krupp guns, and ammunition for all of these. China was extremely familiar with R&D on German military hardware.