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  2. Land value tax - Wikipedia

    This value can be measured by the ground rent that a piece of land receives on the market. The present value of ground-rent is the basis for land prices. A land value tax (LVT) will reduce the ground rent received by the landlord, and thus will decrease the price of land, holding all else constant.

  3. Gross rent multiplier - Wikipedia

    A 100 GRM (monthly rents) = 8.33 GRM (annual rents). An 8.33 GRM calculated on annual rents suggests the gross rent will pay for the property in 8.33 years. The common measure of rental real estate value based on net return rather than gross rental income is the capitalization rate (or cap rate).

  4. Capitalization rate - Wikipedia

    Capital Cost (asset price) = Net Operating Income Capitalization Rate For example, in valuing the projected sale price of an apartment building that produces a net operating income of $10,000, if we set a projected capitalization rate at 7%, then the asset value (or price we would pay to own it) is $142,857 ( = $10,000 .07).

  5. Rental value - Wikipedia

    Rental value Rental value is the fair market value of property while rented out in a lease. More generally, it may be the consideration paid under the lease for the right to occupy, or the royalties or return received by a lessor ( landlord) under a license to real property. [1]

  6. Real estate appraisal - Wikipedia

    1.1 Price vs value 1.2 Market value definitions in the United States 2 Main approaches to value 2.1 The sales comparison approach 2.1.1 Data collection methods and valuation process 2.1.2 Steps in the sales comparison approach 2.2 The cost approach 2.3 The income approach 2.4 UK valuation methods 2.4.1 Practice in the UK 3 Further considerations

  7. See why a NASCAR driver’s mansion north of Charlotte has a ...

    A sale at the listed price of $15.995 million would be the largest home resale ever in the 16-county Charlotte market, according to Josh Tucker, co-broker for the seller along with Corcoran HM ...

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    related to: rowan county property value calculator based on rent and price real estate