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  2. Moncton - Wikipedia

    Moncton (/ ˈ m ʌ ŋ k t ən /; French pronunciation: ) is the most populous city in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.. Although the Moncton area was first settled in 1733, Moncton was officially founded in 1766 with the arrival of Pennsylvania German immigrants from Philadelphia.

  3. Eve teasing - Wikipedia

    Nirbhaya Karnataka ("Fearless Karnataka") is a coalition of many individuals and groups including Alternative Law Forum, Blank Noise, Maraa, Samvada and Vimochana. After the rise of eve teasing cases in the 2000s, it organised several public awareness campaigns, including Take Back the Night, followed by another public art project titled, The Blank Noise Project, starting in Bangalore in 2003.

  4. St. John Fisher College - Wikipedia

    St. John Fisher College is a private liberal arts college in Pittsford, New York.It is named after John Fisher (1469–1535), an English Catholic bishop, cardinal, theologian, and martyr who presided over the Diocese of Rochester in England and is venerated by Catholics as a saint.

  5. Human rights in the Philippines - Wikipedia

    The Labor Code is the legal code governing employment practices and labor relations in the Philippines. The Labor Code stipulates standards in terms of wages and monetary benefits, hours of work, leaves, rest days, holiday pays, and benefits, among others. Prior to the Marcos Martial Law Era in the Philippines, all labor laws were not codified.

  6. LGBT rights in Canada - Wikipedia

    All aspects of employment are covered, including benefits for spouses and long-term partners. Examples of services include credit, insurance, government programs, hotels and schools open to the public. Schools open to the public are liable for anti-gay name-calling and bullying by students or staff.

  7. Hispanic and Latino Americans - Wikipedia

    While employment and the economy were top concerns for Hispanics, almost 90% of Hispanic voters rated immigration as "somewhat important" or "very important" in a poll taken after the election. Republican opposition to the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007 had damaged the party's appeal to Hispanics, especially in swing states such ...

  8. COVID-19 community quarantines in the Philippines - Wikipedia

    The enhanced community quarantine in Luzon covers the island of Luzon and its outlying islands, or eight out of seventeen regions of the Philippines. An indefinite enhanced community quarantine, was imposed in Caraga, alternatively known as One Shield Caraga, started on April 7, and in the Davao Region which took effect on April 4.

  9. LGBT rights in France - Wikipedia

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in France have been among some of the most progressive in the world. Although same-sex sexual activity was a capital crime that often resulted in the death penalty during the Ancien Régime, all sodomy laws were repealed in 1791 during the French Revolution.