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  2. Tenth Doctor - Wikipedia

    In September 2022, Big Finish will release the Tenth Doctor, Classic Companions special, which reunites the Doctor with K9, Ace, Leela and Nyssa. The Tenth Doctor has made other Big Finish appearances that did not involve Tennant, using other actors to voice the Doctor.

  3. Ebook - Wikipedia

    In addition, for programming books, code examples can be copied. The amount of e-book reading is increasing in the U.S.; by 2014, 28% of adults had read an e-book, compared to 23% in 2013; and by 2014, 50% of American adults had an e-reader or a tablet, compared to 30% owning such devices in 2013.

  4. DDoS attacks on Dyn - Wikipedia

    On October 21, 2016, three consecutive distributed denial-of-service attacks were launched against the Domain Name System (DNS) provider Dyn.The attack caused major Internet platforms and services to be unavailable to large swathes of users in Europe and North America.

  5. Hot Wheels - Wikipedia

    Since the year 2008, Hot Wheels cars have had a code stamped or printed on the base. This is a "base code". This base code can be used to identify exactly when an individual car was produced in the Hot Wheels factory. The code begins with a letter, followed by a two-digit number. The letter for the year 2018 was "L".

  6. 2000s in video games - Wikipedia

    The sixth generation of video games officially began in 1998 with the introduction of the short-lived Dreamcast, which was discontinued in 2001. Sega announced that they would no longer produce video game consoles after two straight underperforming consoles and became a third-party developer.

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    related to: roblox code 2022