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  2. List of applications using Lua - Wikipedia

    Roblox is a game platform with its own game engine. It uses a modified version of Lua 5.1 called Luau. Rockbox, the open-source digital audio player firmware, ...

  3. Fernandes Group - Wikipedia

    The company's activities were further expanded under the guidance of Jule Fernandes, the son of Isaak. Thanks to him, Fernandes expanded into a brand in Suriname, which makes many different products. Join roblox group .eli. Current era. After the death of Jule Fernandes, Rene and Jack Fernandes took over the company in 1988.

  4. Xsolla - Wikipedia

    Companies that use the service include Valve, Twitch, Epic Games, Aeria Games, BigPoint Games, Gameforge, Ankama Games, Gaijin Entertainment, Goodgame Studios, Snail Games, Chromatic Games, Digital Extremes, Ubisoft, Roblox Corporation and Rockstar Games Launcher. Commonly used also for Latin America.

  5. Hytale - Wikipedia

    Hytale is an upcoming sandbox game by Hypixel Studios. Production began in 2015 by developers from the Minecraft multiplayer server Hypixel with funding and assistance from Riot Games, who later acquired the studio in 2020.

  6. Dark matter in fiction - Wikipedia

    In Roblox, the game QS Energy Research Facility features a Dark Matter Reactor that is used to power Connecticut and surrounding areas. In Stellaris (video game), Dark Matter is a strategic resource generally found around black holes, used to power the highest level of shields for combat ships as well as a variety of other components.

  7. Squid Game - Wikipedia

    Users of video games supporting user-created content, such as Roblox, Fortnite Creative, and Grand Theft Auto Online, created numerous games within these systems that were based on one or more of the Squid Game challenges. A video game named Crab Game was also created in response to Squid Game 's popularity.