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  2. Ministry of Public Service (Uganda) - Wikipedia

    The Uganda Ministry of Public Service is a Cabinet level government ministry. The ministry is mandated to "develop, manage and administer human resource policies, management systems, procedures and structure for the public service" in Uganda. The ministry is headed by a Cabinet minister, Wilson Muruli Mukasa.

  3. Youth in Uganda - Wikipedia

    There are three types of publicly supported institutions in Uganda. They consist of autonomous institutions, institutions run by the Ministry of Education, and institutes administered by the Public Service Commission. As of 1998, Uganda’s enrollment in universities and institutions of higher education was up to 34,773 students.

  4. Uganda - Wikipedia

    Uganda (Ugandan Languages: Yuganda), officially the Republic of Uganda (Swahili: Jamhuri ya Uganda), is a landlocked country in East Africa.It is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania.

  5. Richard Ramage - Wikipedia

    He served there until 1950 and then retired, but carried out various special duties in other colonies until 1955, when he was appointed Chairman of the Public Service Commission in Uganda (serving for four years); he also chaired the Police Service Commission for two years from 1957.

  6. Roke Telkom (Uganda) - Wikipedia

    and it was licensed by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) as a Public Service Provider (capacity resale, voice and data) and Public Infrastructure Provider in 2006. [4] [9] In 2015, Roke Telkom entered a partnership with Google which enabled the company to increase it’s fibre footprint.

  7. List of Ministers of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of Uganda

    Grace Ibingira. 1962. 1964. Apollo Milton Obote. Ibingira was the first Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs of Uganda after Independence. 2. Cuthbert Joseph Obwangor. 1964. 1966.

  8. Makerere University - Wikipedia

    Public Service Review and Re-organization Commission (1990). Public Service Review and Reorganisation Commission, 1989-1990, Volume 1 . Kampala, Uganda: Uganda.