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  2. Portal - Wikipedia

    Arts and entertainment Gaming. Portal, two video games developed by Valve . Portal, a 2007 video game, the first in the series; Portal 2, the 2011 sequel; Portal Stories: Mel, a mod for Portal 2

  3. Portal:Canada - Wikipedia

    SkyTrain is a medium-capacity rapid transit system in the Metro Vancouver Regional District, serving Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and surrounding municipalities.. SkyTrain has 79.6 km (49.5 mi) of track and uses fully automated trains on grade-separated tracks running on underground and elevated guideways, allowing SkyTrain to hold consistently high on-time reliabi

  4. Portal:Free and open-source software - Wikipedia

    The historical precursor to this was the hobbyist and academic public domain software ecosystem of the 1960s to 1980s. The FOSS movement's "free" part originates from Richard Matthew Stallman, who noted the lost freedom to users on the decline of the public domain ecosystem and the growth of a copyrighted proprietary software ecosystem.

  5. Microsoft 365 - Wikipedia

    The Office 365 service consists of a number of products and services. All of Office 365's components can be managed and configured through an online portal; users can be added manually, imported from a CSV file, or Office 365 can be set up for single sign-on with a local Active Directory using Active Directory Federation Services.

  6. Category:Office supply companies - Wikipedia

    Pages in category "Office supply companies" The following 5 pages are in this category, out of 5 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ().

  7. Virtual law firm - Wikipedia

    A Virtual Law Office, or VLO, is an online law practice that exists through a secure log-in portal and can be accessed by both client and attorney anywhere an internet connection is available. In contrast to a traditional law practice, a VLO allows attorneys and clients to communicate securely over the internet, download or upload documents ...

  8. Customs Office building, Zemun - Wikipedia,_Zemun

    The Customs Office building in Zemun is located at 26, Zmaj Jovina Street in the Zemun neighborhood of Belgrade, Serbia, and it has the status of a cultural monument. History and appearance of the building. In 1781, the Customs Office was erected on the site of an older building in which customs procedures were carried out.

  9. New India Assurance - Wikipedia

    The company, with its registered Head office in Mumbai, has about 31 regional offices, 6 Large Corporate Offices, 447 Divisional Offices, 578 Branches, 27 Direct Agent Branches and 1,239 Micro Offices, Elmo Auto hub, 2 centralised legal hubs totaling 2329 offices. The company operates in 28 countries as of 2015-16.