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  2. Popular (TV series) - Wikipedia

    Popular is an American teenage comedy-drama television series that aired on The WB, created by Ryan Murphy and Gina Matthews, starring Leslie Bibb and Carly Pope as two teenage girls who reside on opposite ends of the popularity spectrum at their high school, but are forced to get along when their single parents meet on a cruise ship and get married.

  3. Teen Titans - Wikipedia

    The series resumed with issue #44 (November 1976). The stories included the introductions of African American superheroine Bumblebee and former supervillainess-turned-superheroine Harlequin in issue #48 and the introduction of the "Teen Titans West" team in issues #50–52 consisting of a number of other teen heroes, including Bat-Girl (Betty Kane) and Golden Eagle.

  4. Teen Wolf (2011 TV series) - Wikipedia

    Teen Wolf is an American supernatural teen drama television series developed by Jeff Davis for MTV, loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name. Tyler Posey portrays the title character, a young werewolf who defends his California town from supernatural creatures and other threats.

  5. Frankenstein in popular culture - Wikipedia

    1972: Popular Library published a series of nine novels called The Frankenstein Horror Series. Despite the title of the series, only the first book, The Frankenstein Wheel (catalog #01544), by Paul W. Fairman, actually concerns the further exploits of Frankenstein's creation. The remaining eight books were unrelated stories using different ...

  6. List of Nancy Drew books - Wikipedia

    In 1986, Simon & Schuster, Inc. began publishing a spin-off series, Nancy Drew Files, running concurrently with the main Nancy Drew Mystery Stories line. The Nancy Drew Files were aimed at an older, teenage audience, and is similar in style, target audience, and sensibilities with The Hardy Boys Casefiles.

  7. Barbie - Wikipedia

    In 1963, the outfit "Barbie Baby-Sits" came with a book entitled How to Lose Weight which advised: "Don't eat!". [53] The same book was included in another ensemble called "Slumber Party" in 1965 along with a pink bathroom scale permanently set at 110 lbs. (50 kg), [53] which would be around 35 lbs. (16 kg) underweight for a woman 5 feet 9 ...

  8. Teen idol - Wikipedia

    A teen idol is a celebrity with a large teenage fan base. Teen idols are generally young but are not necessarily teenagers. An idol's popularity may be limited to teens, or may extend to all age groups. Many teen idols are targeted to adults for nostalgia purposes.

  9. Vampires in popular culture - Wikipedia

    Vampires are frequently represented in popular culture, including appearances in ballet, films, literature, music, opera, theatre, paintings, and video games.. Though there are many creative variations and depictions of vampires, fundamentally "a vampire" is defined as a being which consumes / drinks blood as a primary source of sustenance.