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  2. Murder of Jill Meagher - Wikipedia

    A formal memorial Mass was held for Meagher at St Peter's Church in Drogheda on 5 October 2012 shortly after her funeral and cremation in Melbourne. With hundreds in attendance, the Mass was led by Father Oliver Devine, the priest who had married Jill and Tom Meagher. The town was at a stand-still for the occasion.

  3. Razor gang - Wikipedia

    Tilly Devine, known as the ‘Queen of Woolloomooloo’ and connected to the gangs ran a string of brothels centred around Darlinghurst and the Cross, and in particular, Palmer Street. Kate Leigh, known as the ‘Queen of Surry Hills’, was a sly groger and fence for stolen property.

  4. Death of Joe Cinque - Wikipedia

    The death of Joe Cinque occurred in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory on 26 October 1997. Cinque's coffee was laced with rohypnol, a sedative, at a dinner party, after which he was injected with a lethal dose of heroin by his girlfriend Anu Singh, who was a law student at the Australian National University at the time.

  5. Silent Rage - Wikipedia

    Silent Rage is a 1982 American action crime neo noir science fiction film directed by Michael Miller. It stars Chuck Norris as a sheriff who must stop a mentally ill man (Brian Libby) who goes on a rampage after being granted near-indestructibility in a medical experiment.

  6. A. Philip Randolph - Wikipedia

    Repression and persecution. American Defense Society; American Protective League; Communist Party USA and African Americans; Communists in the labor movement. 1919–1937; 1937–1957

  7. List of Agatha Christie's Poirot episodes - Wikipedia's...

    The following is a list of episodes for the British crime drama Agatha Christie's Poirot, featuring David Suchet as Poirot, which first aired on ITV from 8 January 1989 to 13 November 2013.

  8. Jonathan Daniels - Wikipedia

    Jonathan Myrick Daniels (March 20, 1939 – August 20, 1965) was an Episcopal seminarian and civil rights activist. In 1965, he was murdered by a shotgun-wielding special county deputy, Tom Coleman, who was a construction worker, in Hayneville, Alabama, while in the act of shielding 17-year-old Ruby Sales.

  9. 1973 Chilean coup d'état - Wikipedia'état

    The 1973 Chilean coup d'état was a military coup in Chile that deposed the Popular Unity government of President Salvador Allende.On 11 September 1973, after an extended period of social unrest and political tension between the opposition-controlled Congress and the socialist President, as well as economic war ordered by U.S. President Richard Nixon, a group of military officers led by ...