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  2. Philosophy of healthcare - Wikipedia

    A 'philosophy' of anything requires baseline philosophical questions, as asked, for example, by philosopher David Seedhouse. [2] Ultimately, the purpose, objective and meaning of healthcare philosophy is to consolidate the abundance of information regarding the ever-changing fields of biotechnology, medicine, and nursing.

  3. Philosophy - Wikipedia

    Philosophy (from Greek: φιλοσοφία, philosophia, 'love of wisdom') [1] [2] is the systematized study of general and fundamental questions, such as those about existence, reason, knowledge, values, mind, and language. [3] [4] [5] Such questions are often posed as problems [6] [7] to be studied or resolved.

  4. List of philosophies - Wikipedia

    Manichaeism - Maoism - Marxism - Marxist philosophy of nature - Materialism - Mathematicism - Maxim (philosophy) - Mahayana Buddhism - Medical ethics - Medieval philosophy - Medievalism - Mentalism - Mereological nihilism - Merism - Meta-philosophy - Metaphysics - Meta-ethics - Milesian school - Mimamsa - Mind-body dualism - Misology ...

  5. Practical philosophy - Wikipedia

    Practical philosophy is also the use of philosophy and philosophical techniques in everyday life. This can take a number of forms including reflective practice, personal philosophical thinking, and philosophical counseling . Examples of philosophical counseling subjects include: Philosophical counseling Philosophy of education Philosophy of law

  6. Theoretical philosophy - Wikipedia

    Theoretical philosophy is sometimes confused with analytic philosophy, but the latter is a philosophical movement, embracing certain ideas and methods but dealing with all philosophical subject matters, while the former is a way of sorting philosophical questions into two different categories in the context of a curriculum .

  7. List of philosophical concepts - Wikipedia

    Absolute. Absolute time and space. Abstract and concrete. Adiaphora. Aesthetic emotions. Aesthetic interpretation. Agathusia and aschimothusia. Alief. All men are created equal.

  8. Values (Western philosophy) - Wikipedia

    Values (Western philosophy) Everyone has their own sense of value about the things that affect them. The values that a person holds may be personal or political depending on whether they are considered in relation to the individual or to society. [1] Apart from moral virtue, examples of personal values include friendship, knowledge, beauty etc ...

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    related to: personal nursing philosophy examples