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  2. Primary care - Wikipedia

    In Nigeria, healthcare is a concurrent responsibility of three tiers of government.Local governments focus on the delivery of primary care (e.g. through a system of dispensaries), state governments manage the various general hospitals (secondary care), while the federal government's role is mostly limited to coordinating the affairs of the Federal Medical Centres and university teaching ...

  3. List of Super Bowl head coaches - Wikipedia

    The following NFL head coaches have coached in two or more Super Bowls. Of eligible coaches not in the Hall of Fame, only two have had three or more appearances: Mike Holmgren and Dan Reeves. There are only two eligible coaches with multiple wins to not be inducted into the Hall of Fame: George Seifert and Mike Shanahan.

  4. Interactive patient care - Wikipedia

    Interactive patient care (IPC) refers to an approach in health care that places the emphasis on providing entertainment and educational resources to the patient bedside via the in-room TV. However, momentum is growing for IPC to include more patient-facing interfaces such as mobile, Smart TV, and social applications as well as the self-service ...

  5. Infundibulum (heart) - Wikipedia

    Infundibulum (heart) Sternocostal surface of heart. (Infundibulum (Conus arteriosus) visible at top center.) The infundibulum (also known as conus arteriosus) is a conical pouch formed from the upper and left angle of the right ventricle in the chordate heart, from which the pulmonary trunk arises. It develops from the bulbus cordis.

  6. Poll: Majority prefer Obamacare to Trumpcare

    The Affordable Care Act is currently more popular than the legislation to repeal and replace it that President Donald Trump and some Republicans support.

  7. Ken Rolston - Wikipedia

    Ken Rolston is an American computer game and role-playing game designer best known for his work with West End Games and on the computer game series The Elder Scrolls. In February 2007, he elected to join the staff of computer games company Big Huge Games to create a new role-playing game. Rolston has a master's degree from New York University ...

  8. List of human protein-coding genes 3 - Wikipedia

    Human protein-coding gene pages: •Python code for maintaining the list •List of human protein-coding genes page 1 covers genes A1BG–EPB41 •List of human protein-coding genes page 2 covers genes EPB41L1–MTM1

  9. Mobiliti - Wikipedia

    Mobiliti. Mobiliti [1] was a file synchronization, backup and offline network software for Microsoft Windows based systems, developed by Packeteer. It was originally called Network/Unplugged [2] when it was released in 1998 by Mobiliti, Inc. It started [3] as a 3-member team of Kiran Somalwar, Dinesh Sinha and Ram Kishore Dulam.