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  2. East Coast Naval Base - Wikipedia

    East Coast Naval Base [3] ( Swedish: Ostkustens marinbas, MarinB O) was a Swedish Navy command body which operated in various forms between the years 1928 and 2004. It was located in Stockholm from 1928 to 1966 and then in Haninge Municipality from 1966 to 2004. Contents 1 History 2 Heraldry and traditions 2.1 Flag 2.2 Coat of arms 2.3 Medals

  3. List of United States Navy installations - Wikipedia

    List of major active US Navy bases, stations and other facilities. Contents 1 Within the United States 1.1 California 1.2 Connecticut 1.3 Florida 1.4 Georgia 1.5 Hawaii 1.6 Illinois 1.7 Indiana 1.8 Louisiana 1.9 Maine 1.10 Maryland 1.11 Mississippi 1.12 Nevada 1.13 New Jersey 1.14 New Mexico 1.15 New York 1.16 North Dakota 1.17 Pennsylvania

  4. Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay - Wikipedia

    6 July 1979 – present. Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is a base of the United States Navy located adjacent to the city of St. Marys in Camden County, Georgia, on the North River in southeastern Georgia, and 38 miles (61 km) from Jacksonville, Florida.

  5. Eastern Naval Command - Wikipedia

    The FOC-in-C (East) is the submarine operating authority, under whom COMCOS (E) operates. The 11th ( Sindhughosh class submarine) and 8th ( Foxtrot class) Submarine Squadrons operate under COMCOS (E). INS Virbahu, a submarine base commissioned on 19 May 1971, is the alma mater of the Indian Navy submariners.

  6. Naval Submarine Base New London - Wikipedia

    1868-present. Naval Submarine Base New London is the primary United States Navy East Coast submarine base, also known as the "Home of the Submarine Force." It is located in Groton, Connecticut directly across the Thames River from its namesake city of New London .

  7. List of United States Navy aircraft squadrons - Wikipedia

    Deactivated or disestablished squadrons are listed in the List of inactive United States Navy aircraft squadrons . Navy aircraft squadrons are composed of several aircraft (from as few as about four to as many as about a dozen), the officers who fly them, the officers and sailors who maintain them and administrative support officers and sailors.

  8. Outlook on the web - Wikipedia

    Outlook on the web (previously known as Exchange Web Connect, Outlook Web Access, and Outlook Web App) is a personal information manager web app from Microsoft. It includes a web-based email client, a calendar tool, a contact manager, and a task manager.