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  2. Owa - Wikipedia

    Owa or OWA may refer to: Owa language, a language of the Solomon Islands; Ōwa, an era in Japanese history; Owa Obokun Adimula, the title of the traditional ruler of the Ijesha people of Nigeria; Owa (dance), a traditional dance of Tripura, India; Owa, a variant of Oba (ruler), a Nigeria title for a ruler, used among the Ijesha; Acronyms

  3. Owa language - Wikipedia

    Owa is a member of the Southeast Solomonic languages and is spoken in the southern part of the island of Makira as well as the Owaraha and Owariki islands in the Solomon Islands. It was formerly called Santa Ana, under which name several Anglican publications of the Church of the Province of Melanesia have been printed in this language from ...

  4. Type-1 OWA operators - Wikipedia

    Type-1 OWA operators [1] [2] are a set of aggregation operators that generalise the Yager's OWA (ordered weighted averaging) operators) [3] in the interest of aggregating fuzzy sets rather than crisp values in soft decision making and data mining. These operators provide a mathematical technique for directly aggregating uncertain information ...

  5. Owa Odighizuwa - Wikipedia

    Owa Odighizuwa. Owamagbe Odighizuwa (born April 1, 1992) is a former American football player who was a defensive end in the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the New York Giants in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He played college football at UCLA .

  6. Open-world assumption - Wikipedia

    In the OWA, statements about knowledge that are not included in or inferred from the knowledge explicitly recorded in the system may be considered unknown, rather than wrong or false. Semantic Web languages. Semantic Web languages such as OWL make the open-world assumption. The absence of a particular statement within the web means, in ...

  7. Outlook on the web - Wikipedia

    Outlook on the web (previously known as Exchange Web Connect, Outlook Web Access, and Outlook Web App) is a personal information manager web app from Microsoft. It includes a web-based email client, a calendar tool, a contact manager, and a task manager. It also includes add-in integration, Skype on the web, and alerts as well as unified themes ...

  8. Owa Hutterite Colony - Wikipedia

    Defunct (as of December 31, 2019) Founded. 1972. Population. 0. The Christian Community of New Hutterian Brethren at Ōwa ( 大輪) was a Hutterite colony of the Dariusleut branch in Japan. It was located near Ōwa village in Nasu District, Tochigi. The members of the colony were ethnic Japanese .