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  2. Java virtual machine - Wikipedia

    Oracle provides tests that verify the proper operation of implementations of the Java Virtual Machine. One of Oracle's JVMs is named HotSpot; the other, inherited from BEA Systems, is JRockit. Oracle owns the Java trademark and may allow its use to certify implementation suites as fully compatible with Oracle's specification. Class loader

  3. Java (programming language) - Wikipedia

    The Java programming language requires the presence of a software platform in order for compiled programs to be executed. Oracle supplies the Java platform for use with Java. The Android SDK is an alternative software platform, used primarily for developing Android applications with its own GUI system. Android

  4. Oracle SQL Developer - Wikipedia

    Oracle SQL Developer is an Integrated development environment (IDE) for working with SQL in Oracle databases. Oracle Corporation provides this product free ; it uses the Java Development Kit . Contents

  5. Java (software platform) - Wikipedia

    Java is a set of computer software and specifications developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems, which was later acquired by the Oracle Corporation, that provides a system for developing application software and deploying it in a cross-platform computing environment.

  6. Oracle Corporation - Wikipedia

    Oracle Fusion Middleware is a family of middleware software products, including (for instance) application server, system integration, business process management (BPM), user interaction, content management, identity management and business intelligence (BI) products.

  7. Java version history - Wikipedia

    Regarding Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap, version 19 is that latest versions, and versions 17, 11 and 8 are the currently supported long-term support (LTS) versions, where Oracle Customers will receive Oracle Premier Support. Java 8 LTS last free software public update for commercial use was released by Oracle in March 2022, while Oracle ...

  8. Java Development Kit - Wikipedia

    The Java Development Kit (JDK) is a distribution of Java Technology by Oracle Corporation.It implements the Java Language Specification (JLS) and the Java Virtual Machine Specification (JVMS) and provides the Standard Edition (SE) of the Java Application Programming Interface (API).

  9. GlassFish - Wikipedia

    On 17 July 2012, Oracle Corporation released GlassFish This is a "micro" release to address some exceptional issues in the product. On 12 June 2013, Oracle Corporation released GlassFish 4.0. This major release brings Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7 support. On 9 September 2014, Oracle Corporation released GlassFish 4.1.