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  2. Oracle Enterprise Manager - Wikipedia

    Oracle Enterprise Manager includes three releases: Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control, the oldest and arguably the best-known release, aims to manage Oracle databases. It originated as a Java client able to configure and manage databases. Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control

  3. CSS - Wikipedia

    To demonstrate specificity Inheritance Inheritance is a key feature in CSS; it relies on the ancestor-descendant relationship to operate. Inheritance is the mechanism by which properties are applied not only to a specified element but also to its descendants. Inheritance relies on the document tree, which is the hierarchy of XHTML elements in a page based on nesting. Descendant elements may ...

  4. Oracle Hyperion - Wikipedia

    Hyperion Solutions Corporation was a software company located in Santa Clara, California, which was acquired by Oracle Corporation in 2007. Many of its products were targeted at the business intelligence (BI) and business performance management markets, and as of 2013 were developed and sold as Oracle Hyperion products.

  5. Oracle (disambiguation) - Wikipedia

    The Oracle, a 1951 novel by Edwin O'Connor; Oracle, a 2010 novel by Jackie French; ORA:CLE, a 1984 novel by Kevin O'Donnell, Jr. The Oracle, a student newspaper of Stratford High School "Oracle", a short story by Greg Egan; Entertainment Comics. Oracle (Marvel Comics), a Marvel character and member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard

  6. Pro*C - Wikipedia*C

    Pro*C (also known as Pro*C/C++) is an embedded SQL programming language used by Oracle Database DBMSes.Pro*C uses either C or C++ as its host language. During compilation, the embedded SQL statements are interpreted by a precompiler and replaced by C or C++ function calls to their respective SQL library.

  7. Oracle Application Development Framework - Wikipedia

    The Oracle JDeveloper free Integrated Development Environment provides a graphical interface for creating data-management applications using ADF. Oracle also offers Eclipse based tooling for ADF in Oracle Enterprise Pack For Eclipse. Implementers can deploy Oracle ADF applications on Java EE-compliant containers. Oracle WebLogic and IBM ...

  8. Software - Wikipedia

    Companies like Oracle and Microsoft provide their own APIs so that many applications are written using their software libraries that usually have numerous APIs in them. [ citation needed ] Data structures such as hash tables , arrays , and binary trees , and algorithms such as quicksort , can be useful for creating software.

  9. Oracle Spatial and Graph - Wikipedia

    Oracle Spatial and Graph, formerly Oracle Spatial, is a free option component of the Oracle Database.The spatial features in Oracle Spatial and Graph aid users in managing geographic and location-data in a native type within an Oracle database, potentially supporting a wide range of applications — from automated mapping, facilities management, and geographic information systems (), to ...