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  2. Online counseling - Wikipedia

    Online counseling is a form of professional mental health counseling that is generally performed through the internet. Computer aided technologies are used by the trained professional counsellors and individuals seeking counselling services to communicate rather than conventional face-to-face interactions [17].

  3. Ticket (admission) - Wikipedia

    A ticket is a voucher that indicates that an individual is entitled to admission to an event or establishment such as a theatre, amusement park or tourist attraction, or has a right to travel on a vehicle, such as with an airline ticket, bus ticket or train ticket. An individual typically pays for a ticket, but it may be free of charge.

  4. Australian Tertiary Admission Rank - Wikipedia

    The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is the primary criterion for domestic student entry into undergraduate courses in Australian public universities.It was gradually introduced to most states and territories in 2009–10 and has since replaced the Universities Admission Index (in NSW and ACT), Equivalent National Tertiary Entrance Rank (in VIC), Tertiary Entrance Rank (in ACT, TAS ...

  5. Graduate Management Admission Test - Wikipedia

    The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT (/ ˈ dʒ iː m æ t / (JEE-mat))) is a computer adaptive test (CAT) intended to assess certain analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English for use in admission to a graduate management program, such as an MBA program.

  6. Medical College Admission Test - Wikipedia

    The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT; / ˈ ɛ m k æ t / EM-kat) is a computer-based standardized examination for prospective medical students in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Caribbean Islands. It is designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, written analysis and knowledge of scientific concepts and principles.

  7. List of online colleges in the United States - Wikipedia

    This list includes schools that offer fully online programs exclusively, as well as schools that offer at least one fully online program in addition to campus offerings. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the colleges and universities in the United States offered classes entirely online, particularly facilitated via Zoom.

  8. Network Access Control - Wikipedia

    A captive portal intercepts HTTP access to web pages, redirecting users to a web application that provides instructions and tools for updating their computer. Until their computer passes automated inspection, no network usage besides the captive portal is allowed. This is similar to the way paid wireless access works at public access points.

  9. Admission to practice law - Wikipedia

    An admission to practice law is acquired when a lawyer receives a license to practice law. In jurisdictions with two types of lawyer, as with barristers and solicitors, barristers must gain admission to the bar whereas for solicitors there are distinct practising certificates. Becoming a lawyer is a widely varied process around the world.