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  2. Twelfth grade - Wikipedia

    In India, the equivalent grade is commonly referred to as "Class 12" or "Plus 2".Generally Twelfth Grade is known as +2 which originates from the term 10+2. It is also called as “Intermediate 2nd Year” (Intermediate Course), HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate), “Second Year Junior College” (SYJC), “2nd Year PUC”(Pre- University Course) in different regions and states.

  3. Non-tariff barriers to trade - Wikipedia

    They may take the form of import quotas, subsidies, customs delays, technical barriers, or other systems preventing or impeding trade". According to the World Trade Organization , non-tariff barriers to trade include import licensing, rules for valuation of goods at customs, pre-shipment inspections, rules of origin ('made in'), and trade ...

  4. Chesham - Wikipedia

    Chesham (/ ˈ tʃ ɛ ʃ əm /, locally / ˈ tʃ ɛ s əm /, or / ˈ tʃ ɛ z əm /) is a market town and civil parish in Buckinghamshire, England.It is 11 miles (18 km) south-east of the county town of Aylesbury and 25.8 miles (41.5 km) north-west of Charing Cross, central London, and is part of the London commuter belt.

  5. Presidents' Day - Wikipedia'_Day

    Presidents' Day, or Washington's Birthday at the federal governmental level, is a holiday in the United States celebrated on the third Monday of February to honor all persons who served as presidents of the United States and refers also to the federal holiday specifically honoring George Washington, who led the Continental Army to victory in the American Revolutionary War, presided at the ...

  6. List of proposed provinces and territories of Canada - Wikipedia

    Since Canadian Confederation in 1867, there have been several proposals for new Canadian provinces and territories.Since 1982, the current Constitution of Canada requires an amendment ratified by seven provincial legislatures representing at least half of the national population for the creation of a new province while the creation of a new territory requires only an act of Parliament.

  7. Debate - Wikipedia

    Debate is a process that involves formal discourse on a particular topic, often including a moderator and audience. In a debate, arguments are put forward for often opposing viewpoints.

  8. Operations management - Wikipedia

    It is concerned with managing an entire production or service system which is the process that converts inputs (in the forms of raw materials, labor, consumers, and energy) into outputs (in the form of goods and/or services for consumers). Operations produce products, manage quality and create services.

  9. Bugger - Wikipedia

    Bugger or buggar can at times be considered as a mild swear word. In the United Kingdom the term has been used commonly to imply dissatisfaction, refer to someone or something whose behaviour is in some way inconvenient or perhaps as an expression of surprise.