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  2. Olympia Provisions - Wikipedia

    They are known as Olympia Provisions Southeast and Olympia Provisions Northwest. [11] The first restaurant, which opened in 2009, is located at 107 SE Washington St in Southeast Portland. Their second restaurant opened in April 2011 at 1632 NW Thurman St in Northwest Portland. In 2018, restaurant manager and sommelier, Jessica Hereth, was named ...

  3. Kronos Foods - Wikipedia

    Kronos Foods, Inc., is a Chicago -based company which is a foodservice manufacturer of Mediterranean food in the United States and the largest manufacturer of gyros in the world. [1] [2] Kronos Foods is known for being one of the first to produce, standardize, and market gyro cones (an argument exists as to who exactly was the first to "invent ...

  4. Gyros - Wikipedia

    Gyros—in some regions, chiefly North America, anglicized as a gyro (/ ˈ j ɪər oʊ, ˈ dʒ ɪər-, ˈ dʒ aɪ r-/; Greek: γύρος, romanized: yíros/gyros, lit. 'turn', pronounced )—is meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie (similar to Doner kebab), then sliced and served wrapped or stuffed in pita bread, along with other ingredients such as tomato, onion, fried potatoes, and tzatziki.

  5. Resurfice Corporation - Wikipedia

    Olympia ice resurfacer at the 2010 Winter Olympics Resurfice Corporation is a manufacturer of ice resurfacing equipment based in Elmira, Ontario, Canada. Their Olympia brand product line includes push models through full size models built on a Chevy Powertrain. [1]

  6. Olympia Brewery - Wikipedia

    The 1906 Olympia Brewery brewhouse, known locally as "the Old Brewery", is located at the base of the Tumwater Falls in Tumwater, Washington. Once the manufacturing site for Olympia Beer , the classic Mission Revival structure, designed by prominent local architect Joseph Wohleb , replaced the initial wooden plant constructed in 1896. [2]

  7. Olympia Brewing Company - Wikipedia

    The Olympia Brewing Company was a brewery in the northwest United States, located in Tumwater, Washington, near Olympia. Founded in 1896 by Leopold Friederich Schmidt, it was bought by G. Heileman Brewing Company in 1983. Through a series of consolidations, it was acquired by Pabst Brewing Company in 1999; the Tumwater brewery was closed in 2003.

  8. AOL Mail

    AOL Mail is free and helps keep you safe. From security to personalization, AOL Mail helps manage your digital life Start for free AOL Mail FAQ Is AOL Mail free? Absolutely! It's quick and easy to...