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  2. Prime minister - Wikipedia

    The Prime Minister's executive office is usually called the Office of the Prime Minister or Cabinet Office. The U.K.’s Cabinet Office includes the Prime Minister’s Office. Conversely, some Prime Minister's Offices incorporate the role of Cabinet, while Australia’s Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet joins them at par.

  3. Prime Minister of Israel - Wikipedia

    The prime minister of Israel (Hebrew: רֹאשׁ הַמֶּמְשָׁלָה, romanized: Rosh HaMemshala, lit. 'Head of the Government', Hebrew acronym: רה״מ ‎; Arabic: رئيس الحكومة, Ra'īs al-Ḥukūma) is the head of government and chief executive of the State of Israel.

  4. Prime Minister of Mongolia - Wikipedia

    The Prime Minister has full powers to hire and fire his cabinet ministers and appoints the governors of the 21 aimags of Mongolia, as well as the governor of the capital, Ulaanbaatar. History. The office of Prime Minister was established in 1912, shortly after (Outer) Mongolia first declared independence from the Manchu Qing Dynasty. This was ...

  5. Prime Minister of Lebanon - Wikipedia

    The Prime Minister is appointed by the president of Lebanon, with the consent of the plurality of the members of the Parliament of Lebanon (after the Taif Agreement, 1990). By convention, the office holder is always a Sunni Muslim. The current prime minister is Najib Mikati, having taken office on 10 September

  6. Prime Minister of Bangladesh - Wikipedia

    The office of the Prime Minister is located at Tejgaon in Dhaka city. It is considered a ministry of the government and among other duties, provides clerical, security, and other support to the prime minister, governs intelligence affairs, NGOs, and arranges protocol and ceremonies.

  7. Prime Minister of Sweden - Wikipedia

    When the office of the prime minister was created in 1876, the prime ministers for justice and foreign affairs were thus subsequently demoted to Minister for Justice and Minister for Foreign Affairs. Unlike the minister for justice, the minister for foreign affairs did however continue to be styled as " Excellency ", an honour shared only with ...

  8. Prime Minister of Malta - Wikipedia

    The office was re-established with the grant of self-government in 1947 with the post being renamed as "Prime Minister of Malta". The post was again suppressed when the 1947 constitution was again suspended between 1958 and 1962 but was retained largely unchanged in the 1964 independence constitution and the subsequent amendments of 1974 which ...

  9. List of prime ministers of Belize - Wikipedia

    Office of the Prime Minister of Belize. The office of prime minister is established by section 37 of the Constitution of Belize, which provides that the Governor-General of Belize "shall appoint a member of the House of Representatives who is the leader of the political party which commands the support of the majority of the members of that House; and if no political party has an overall ...