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  2. Template:User vandal account - Wikipedia

    This user has had a user account created to mock them by a vandal, User:Etzedekthedumb

  3. Template:Old account/doc - Wikipedia

    This template can be used on user pages to show people that the account is an old account of a new user. Unlike {{Clean start}}, this template does display one's new username. Parameters. This template has only one parameter: the new username. {{Old account|example}} will produce:

  4. Template:Verified account/doc - Wikipedia

    Template parameters. This template prefers inline formatting of parameters. Parameter Description Type Status; Ticket # ticket id 1: The 16 digit number of the OTRS ticket. Example 2016070510017734: Number: required: Username: user: Username of the uploader (only for the File namespace) String: optional: Real name: realname

  5. Template:New account/doc - Wikipedia

    This is a documentation subpage for Template:New account. It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page. This template should always be substituted (i.e., use {{ subst:New account }}).

  6. Template:Account Creation backlog/doc - Wikipedia

    This template {{Account Creation backlog}}, displays the number of open account requests awaiting review in the Account Creation tool. The size of this backlog is assigned to one of five levels, from "very high" to "very low".

  7. Template:Multiple account query/doc - Wikipedia

    It only needs to be filled out once for all users; if the user being notified is among the accounts listed in the template, they will automatically be hidden from the list. The hat parameter accepts the values clerk , administrator , adminclerk or checkuser adds text explaining that the person placing the template is an SPI clerk, administrator ...

  8. Template:User previous account/sandbox - Wikipedia

    This is the template sandbox page for Template:User previous account . See also the companion subpage for test cases . Template documentation [ view ] [ edit ] [ history ] [ purge ]

  9. Template:Abandoned account/sandbox - Wikipedia

    The syntax for this template is simple: add your new user name to complete the first field and add a date into the second optional field if you want to add an "with effect from" date (any date format is acceptable). This template should be placed on a userpage only by the concerned user, or at their request. Example