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  2. Avoid a Flop With These 25 House-Flipping Tips - AOL

    Use a Deal Analysis Calculator Once you’re familiar with your market, you’ll begin examining the profit potential of specific properties. It’s called deal analysis. The number of variables that go...

  3. How Much It Actually Costs To Move Out for the First Time

    “According to the U.S. census, the median gross rent for a housing unit in the United States is $1,097 a month, but depending on how many bedrooms are located in that unit, the figure could...

  4. VisiCalc - Wikipedia

    VisiCalc (for "visible calculator") is the first spreadsheet computer program for personal computers, originally released for Apple II by VisiCorp in 1979. It is often considered the application that turned the microcomputer from a hobby for computer enthusiasts into a serious business tool, prompting IBM to introduce the IBM PC two years later.

  5. Time value of money - Wikipedia

    The solutions may be found using (in most cases) the formulas, a financial calculator or a spreadsheet. The formulas are programmed into most financial calculators and several spreadsheet functions (such as PV, FV, RATE, NPER, and PMT). For any of the equations below, the formula may also be rearranged to determine one of the other unknowns.

  6. Pre-money valuation - Wikipedia

    Using this, we can calculate how much each share is worth by dividing the Post-money valuation by the total number of shares. $100 million / 150 shares = $666,666.66 / share The initial shareholders further dilute their ownership to 100/150 = 66.67%. Series B Cap table

  7. Burroughs Corporation - Wikipedia

    The Burroughs Corporation was a major American manufacturer of business equipment. The company was founded in 1886 as the American Arithmometer Company. In 1986, it merged with Sperry UNIVAC to form Unisys. The company's history paralleled many of the major developments in computing.

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    related to: net worth calculator spreadsheet