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  2. DYEM - Wikipedia

    DYEM (96.7 FM ), broadcasting as 96.7 Bai Radio, is a Philippines radio station owned and operated by Negros Broadcasting & Publishing Corporation, a local media outlet of Ely Dejaresco which also owns The Negros Chronicle, the longest running weekly newspaper in the city and the province of Negros Oriental.

  3. DYMD - Wikipedia

    However, despite the station being launched, an opinion piece written for The Negros Chronicle stated that the new station did not have any permits from the city government and had rushed a license to operate permit from the National Telecommunications Commission before the campaigning period began. [3]

  4. Demetrio Larena - Wikipedia

    Demetrio Larena a political hero and former governor of Negros Oriental (East Negros), a province on Negros Island in the Philippines. He was the vice-president of the Republic of Negros and eventually the governor of Negros Oriental from 1901 until 1906. Larena was instrumental in the establishment of Silliman University in Dumaguete City.

  5. Governor of Negros Oriental - Wikipedia

    Negros Oriental Provincial Government [1] The governor of Negros Oriental is the local chief executive and head of the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental. Along with the Governor of Negros Occidental and the Mayor of the highly urbanized city of Bacolod, he sits as one of the chief executives of Negros Island.

  6. Roel Degamo - Wikipedia

    Roel Ragay Degamo (born April 29, 1966) is a Filipino politician who is the incumbent governor of the province of Negros Oriental since 2011. He was unseated from the post following the results of the May 2022 local elections but with his opponent's victory nullified, he was proclaimed as the elected gubernatorial candidate in October of the same year.

  7. Negros Revolution - Wikipedia

    The Negros Revolution ( Filipino: Himagsikang Negrense; Cebuano: Rebolusyong Negrense; Spanish: Revolución negrense ), commemorated and popularly known as the Fifth of November (Spanish: Cinco de noviembre) or Negros Day ( Hiligaynon: Adlaw sang Negros; Cebuano: Adlaw sa Negros; Spanish: Día de Negros ), was a political movement that in 1898 …

  8. Negros Oriental - Wikipedia

    Negros, the largest island in the Visayas, is believed to have once been part of a larger landmass that was cut off by rising waters at the end of the last ice age. [5] Among the early inhabitants of the island were the Negritos and the Austronesians, and later the Han Chinese, who are mainly merchants. [6]

  9. List of people from Dumaguete - Wikipedia

    Theodore Boborol, director [1] Beauty Gonzalez, actress and Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus 4th Teen Placer [2] [3] [4] Bret Jackson, actor and Pinoy Big Brother housemate [5] [6] Eddie Romero, director, screenwriter, and National Artist for Cinema and Broadcast Arts [7] Dennis Trillo, actor, model, singer, and TV host [8]