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  2. Classes of United States senators - Wikipedia

    Because each state is represented by two senators, regardless of population, each class varies in electorate and populace. Since the early 19th century it so happens Class 2 senators cumulatively co-represent 50–60% of the population; senators from each of the other two classes: 70–75% of the population of the United States. [9] (

  3. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the food industry

    Many employees were laid off, and more employees lacked sick leave in the sector compared to similar sectors. [107] [108] The New York Times characterized the closures as affecting "all strata of the industry, from the owners and their celebrity chefs to the waiters and waitresses, bar-backs and busboys, who effectively are facing layoffs and ...

  4. Health insurance in the United States - Wikipedia

    Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers offer some form of health insurance coverage in every U.S. state, and also act as administrators of Medicare in many states or regions of the United States, and provide coverage to state government employees as well as to federal government employees under a nationwide option of the Federal Employees Health ...

  5. Whistleblower protection in the United States - Wikipedia

    Rules vary by state, but employees are usually entitled to a 15-minute paid break every two hours and an unpaid meal hour after every four. In most states, employees are entitled to overtime for any missed break periods, and state labor protection rules extend to federal workers.

  6. United States House Committee on Education and Labor

    All matters dealing with relationships between employers and employees. Members, 117th Congress. Majority ... State Start of service ... NC: 1943: 1947

  7. Pay Commission - Wikipedia

    Pay Commission is set up by Government of India, and gives its recommendations regarding changes in salary structure of its employees set up in 1947, Since India's Independence, seven pay commissions have been set up on a regular basis to review and make recommendations on the work and pay structure of all civil and military divisions of the Government of India.

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    related to: nc state employees salaries