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  2. Electrical grid - Wikipedia

    The Electricity (Supply) Act 1926 led to the setting up of the National Grid. The Central Electricity Board standardized the nation's electricity supply and established the first synchronized AC grid, running at 132 kilovolts and 50 Hertz. This started operating as a national system, the National Grid, in 1938.

  3. Arqiva - Wikipedia

    Arqiva purchased National Grid Wireless on 3 April 2007 for £2.5 billion. The company planned to run NGW as a separate company – Macquarie UK Broadcast Ventures Ltd – pending review of the deal by competition regulators. Regulatory agreement was reached in late 2008 and National Grid Wireless was amalgamated into Arqiva.

  4. Grid computing - Wikipedia

    Comparison of grids and conventional supercomputers “Distributed” or “grid” computing in general is a special type of parallel computing that relies on complete computers (with onboard CPUs, storage, power supplies, network interfaces, etc.) connected to a network (private, public or the Internet) by a conventional network interface producing commodity hardware, compared to the lower ...

  5. National Payments Corporation of India - Wikipedia

    National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) announced the transactions of Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS) for the month of July 2019 have crossed the milestone number of 200 million. AePS is a bank-led model which allows basic interoperable banking transactions at PoS (MicroATM) through the Business correspondent of any bank by using ...

  6. Smart grid - Wikipedia

    Grid 2030 – Grid 2030 is a joint vision statement for the U.S. electrical system developed by the electric utility industry, equipment manufacturers, information technology providers, federal and state government agencies, interest groups, universities, and national laboratories.

  7. Commissioners' Plan of 1811 - Wikipedia'_Plan_of_1811

    The Greatest Grid: The Master Plan of Manhattan 1811-2011. New York: Museum of the City of New York and Columbia University Press. ISBN 978-0-231-15990-6. Burrows, Edwin G. and Wallace, Mike (1999). Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-195-11634-8. Eldredge, Niles and Horenstein, Sidney (2014).

  8. National Stock Exchange of India - Wikipedia

    National Stock Exchange has a total market capitalization of more than US$3.4 trillion, making it the world's 10th-largest stock exchange as of August 2021. NSE's flagship index, the NIFTY 50 , a 50 stock index is used extensively by investors in India and around the world as a barometer of the Indian capital market.

  9. Energy policy of Pakistan - Wikipedia

    The government will pay off its $1.38 billion debt to power producers allowing them to pay fuel suppliers. Power supply to Pakistan's commercial capital Karachi will be decreased by 300 megawatts to allow fairer distribution of power to the remaining parts of the country. Tube wells will not be allowed to operate from 7 pm to 11 pm.