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  2. LGBT rights in the Republic of Ireland - Wikipedia

    The bill was set to become law before the May same-sex marriage referendum. The bill was published on 19 February 2015, ratified by both houses of the Oireachtas by 30 March 2015 and was signed into law on 6 April 2015, becoming the Children and Family Relationships Act 2015.

  3. Future of rail transport in India - Wikipedia

    Off-the-grid solar-powered trains. Off-the-grid solar powered trains by installing 1 gigawatt of solar and 130 megawatts of wind power between 2017-2022. India introduced world's first solar powered train in June 2017 as well as 50 coaches with rooftop solar farms.

  4. Feed-in tariffs in Australia - Wikipedia

    Gross vs. net FIT schemes. Some schemes are based on a gross feed-in tariff model while most are based on a net tariff. Net feed-in tariff schemes have been criticised for not providing enough incentive for households to install solar panels and thus for not effectively encouraging the uptake of solar PV.

  5. Energy conservation - Wikipedia

    Energy Conservation Opportunities by Sector Buildings Existing buildings. One of the primary ways to improve energy conservation in buildings is to perform an energy audit.An energy audit is an inspection and analysis of energy use and flows for energy conservation in a building, process, or system with an eye toward reducing energy input without negatively affecting output.