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  2. Myspace - Wikipedia

    Myspace (formerly stylized as MySpace) is a social networking service based in the United States. Launched on August 1, 2003, the site was the first social network to reach a global audience, and had a significant influence on technology, pop culture and music. [3] The site played a critical role in the early growth of companies like YouTube ...

  3. Myspace IM - Wikipedia

    Myspace IM. MySpaceIM was the official instant messaging client for the social networking site Myspace and know it's back with a bang. In 2009, a web-based client dubbed MySpaceIM for Web was released to all English-speaking countries, allowing users to interact with friends and non-friends alike to grow their network.

  4. MySpace Records - Wikipedia

    MySpace Records was a record label founded in 2005 to sign artists who appeared on the social networking site Myspace.It was a wholly owned subsidiary of Myspace, operating as a joint-venture between MySpace and Interscope Records.

  5. Initial (album) - Wikipedia

    Initial is the debut album from the band Person L, released on August 5, 2008. Kenny Vasoli self-recorded the album in his home studio in late 2007–2008 and released it through his record label, Human Interest. Several of the songs originate from demos he worked on while on tour with The Starting Line .

  6. Criticism of Myspace - Wikipedia

    The social networking service Myspace was among the most popular web sites in the 2000s decade. It has faced criticism on a variety of fronts, including for a massive redesign of the site in 2012 which occurred after the majority of original users had abandoned the website, misuse of the platform for cyber-bullying and harassment, risks for users' privacy, and major data losses.

  7. House-Sitting Songs - Wikipedia

    Album In A Day 2. (2007) House-Sitting Songs. (2009) Life is Sweet! Nice to Meet You. (2010) House-Sitting Songs is an album of demos released by British artist Lightspeed Champion onto the internet via his MySpace account (before hastily being removed). It was written and recorded in a week while he was house-sitting for a friend.

  8. Satellites (song) - Wikipedia

    Satellites (song) "Satellites" is the first single by Petra Marklund (performing as September) from her second album In Orbit, and is the first single released under her contract with Catchy Tunes. The single was a success in Sweden and Finland and was later released in variety of countries worldwide, such as Poland, Romania, Spain, Israel, the ...