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  2. Myspace - Wikipedia

    Myspace (formerly stylized as MySpace) is a social networking service based in the United States. Launched on August 1, 2003, the site was the first social network to reach a global audience, and had a significant influence on technology, pop culture and music. [2]

  3. Web 2.0 - Wikipedia

    Some Web 2.0 capabilities were present in the days of Web 1.0, but were implemented differently. For example, a Web 1.0 site may have had a guestbook page for visitor comments, instead of a comment section at the end of each page (typical of Web 2.0). During Web 1.0, server performance and bandwidth had to be considered—lengthy comment ...

  4. YouTube - Wikipedia

    The next year, when clicking on a video on the main page, the whole page turned upside down, which YouTube claimed was a "new layout". In 2010, YouTube temporarily released a "TEXTp" mode which rendered video imagery into ASCII art letters "in order to reduce bandwidth costs by $1 per second."

  5. Black Saturday bushfires - Wikipedia

    Building codes. In response to the Black Saturday bushfires new building regulations for Victorian bushfire-prone areas were fast tracked by Standards Australia. Through the Department of Planning and Community Development the Victorian government has published a range of new guidelines and standards for bushfire planning and building.

  6. 2002 Winter Olympics - Wikipedia

    The 2002 Winter Olympics, officially the XIX Olympic Winter Games and commonly known as Salt Lake 2002 (Arapaho: Niico'ooowu' 2002; Gosiute Shoshoni: Tit'-so-pi 2002; Navajo: Sooléí 2002; Shoshoni: Soónkahni 2002), was an international winter multi-sport event that was held from February 8 to 24, 2002 in and around Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

  7. Plaintiff - Wikipedia

    A plaintiff (Π in legal shorthand) is the party who initiates a lawsuit (also known as an action) before a court.By doing so, the plaintiff seeks a legal remedy.If this search is successful, the court will issue judgment in favor of the plaintiff and make the appropriate court order (e.g., an order for damages).

  8. Oral Roberts University - Wikipedia

    Oral Roberts University (ORU) is a private evangelical university in Tulsa, Oklahoma.Founded in 1963, the university is named after its founder, evangelist Oral Roberts. ...

  9. Saints Row 2 - Wikipedia

    Saints Row 2 is a 2008 action-adventure game developed by Volition and published by THQ.It is the sequel to 2006's Saints Row and the second installment in the Saints Row series.