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  2. Jan. 6 rally participant with QAnon ties wins GOP nomination ...

    A Republican candidate for the U.S. House in Ohio who has promoted the conspiracy theory QAnon and attended the Jan. 6 “Stop The Steal” rally in Washington, D.C., won his primary Tuesday night ...

  3. Alabama - Wikipedia

    Alabama has six major interstate routes: Interstate 65 (I-65) travels north–south roughly through the middle of the state; I-20/I-59 travel from the central west Mississippi state line to Birmingham, where I-59 continues to the north-east corner of the state and I-20 continues east towards Atlanta; I-85 originates in Montgomery and travels ...

  4. GNU Hurd - Wikipedia

    GNU Hurd is a collection of microkernel servers written as part of GNU, for the GNU Mach microkernel. It has been under development since 1990 by the GNU Project of the Free Software Foundation, designed as a replacement for the Unix kernel, and released as free software under the GNU General Public License.

  5. Oklahoma - Wikipedia

    Oklahoma (/ ˌ oʊ k l ə ˈ h oʊ m ə / ()) is a state in the South Central region of the United States, bordered by Texas on the south and west, Kansas on the north, Missouri on the northeast, Arkansas on the east, New Mexico on the west, and Colorado on the northwest.

  6. IRS Tax Brackets: Here’s How Much You’ll Pay in 2022 on What ...

    Federal Tax Brackets 2022 for Income Taxes Filed by April 15, 2023 . Tax Rate. Single. Married Filing Jointly or Qualifying Widow(er) Married Filing Separately

  7. Henri Christophe - Wikipedia

    Henri Christophe (French pronunciation: [ɑ̃ʁi kʁistɔf]; 6 October 1767 – 8 October 1820) was a key leader in the Haitian Revolution and the only monarch of the Kingdom of Haiti.

  8. Criticism of Facebook - Wikipedia

    In addition to noting with evolutionary biologist George C. Williams in the development of evolutionary medicine that most chronic medical conditions are the consequence of evolutionary mismatches between a stateless environment of nomadic hunter-gatherer life in bands and contemporary human life in sedentary technologically modern state societies (e.g. WEIRD societies), psychiatrist Randolph ...

  9. Maus - Wikipedia

    Maus is a nonfiction book presented in the graphic novel style, written by American cartoonist Art Spiegelman.Serialized from 1980 to 1991, it depicts Spiegelman interviewing his father about his experiences as a Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor.