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  2. Kronos (film) - Wikipedia

    Kronos (a.k.a. Kronos, Destroyer of the Universe or Kronos, Ravager of Planets) is a 1957 American black-and-white science fiction film from Regal Films, a division of 20th Century-Fox. It was produced by Irving Block, Louis DeWitt, Kurt Neumann, and Jack Rabin, directed by Kurt Neumann , and stars Jeff Morrow and Barbara Lawrence .

  3. Gustavo Santaolalla - Wikipedia

    Gustavo Alfredo Santaolalla (born 19 August 1951) is an Argentine musician, composer, and record producer. He is known for composing his film scores with his collaborator and acclaimed director Alejandro González Iñárritu, which composed the first four psychological drama films Iñárritu directed.

  4. Huun-Huur-Tu - Wikipedia

    60 Horses In My Herd (1993) The Orphan's Lament (1994) If I'd Been Born An Eagle (1997) Where Young Grass Grows (1999) Live 1 [also known as Best * Live] (2001) Live 2 (2001) More Live (2003) Ancestors Call (2010) With The Bulgarian Voices - Angelite & Sergey Starostin: Fly, Fly My Sadness (1996) With The Bulgarian Voices - Angelite & Moscow ...

  5. The Dude Goes West - Wikipedia

    The Dude Goes West is a 1948 King Brothers Productions film starring Eddie Albert and Gale Storm.It was directed by Kurt Neumann and released by Monogram Pictures.The film was originally known as Tombstone.

  6. Big Science (Laurie Anderson album) - Wikipedia

    Big Science is the debut studio album by avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson.It was the first of a seven-album deal Anderson signed with Warner Bros. Records.It is best known for the single "O Superman", which unexpectedly reached No. 2 in the UK.

  7. Percy Jackson & the Olympians - Wikipedia

    Percy Jackson & the Olympians is a pentalogy of fantasy novels written by American author Rick Riordan, and the first book series in the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles.The novels are set in a world with the Greek gods in the 21st century, and follows the protagonist Percy Jackson, a young demigod who must prevent the Titans, led by Kronos (Cronus), from destroying the world.

  8. The Lightning Thief (musical) - Wikipedia

    He confides in Luke that he feels just as confused as before, and Luke agrees, stating he felt similar after his own quest. Luke inadvertently tells Percy that he is the true lightning thief and that he has teamed up with Kronos to get back at the gods, who he feels have done him wrong ("The Last Day of Summer"). Luke attacks Percy and escapes.

  9. Cattle Drive - Wikipedia

    Cattle Drive is a 1951 American Western film directed by Kurt Neumann and starring Joel McCrea, Dean Stockwell and Chill Wills.Much of the film was shot in the Death Valley National Park, California and Paria, Utah