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  2. Military marine mammal - Wikipedia

    A military marine mammal is a cetacean or pinniped that has been trained for military uses. Examples include bottlenose dolphins, seals, sea lions, and beluga whales. The United States and Soviet militaries have trained and employed oceanic dolphins for various uses.

  3. Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic - Wikipedia

    The Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic (NIWC Atlantic) is an Echelon III activity of the United States Navy located in North Charleston, South Carolina. The center’s mission is to deliver information warfare solutions that protect national security. This includes communication systems (radios), networking systems (routers/switches), cyber operations (red team/forensics/network defense ...

  4. Fleet Marine Force insignia - Wikipedia

    The FMFWO insignia is a gold, highly polished, metal device depicting the eagle, globe and anchor (EGA) atop two crossed rifles on a background of ocean swells breaking on a sandy beach atop a scroll with the words "Fleet Marine Force." The EGA makes a clear statement that the wearer is a member of the Navy/Marine Corps team.

  5. Navy League of the United States - Wikipedia

    The Navy League of the United States, commonly referred to as the Navy League, is a national association with nearly 50,000 members who advocate for a strong, credible United States Navy, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard and U.S. Merchant Marine . It was founded in 1902, at the suggestion of Theodore Roosevelt.

  6. List of active United States naval aircraft - Wikipedia

    For a complete list of naval aircraft designated under pre-1962 United States Navy designation systems, see List of United States Navy aircraft designations (pre-1962); for aircraft without formal designations, see List of undesignated military aircraft of the United States.

  7. Cooperative Engagement Capability - Wikipedia

    Origins of the US Navy program [ edit] The CEC concept was conceived by Johns Hopkins applied physics laboratory in the early 1970s. The concept was originally called Battle Group Anti-Air Warfare (AAW) Coordination. The first critical at-sea experiment with a system prototype occurred in 1990. The CEC became a Navy acquisition program in 1992. [3]

  8. MIL-STD-6011 - Wikipedia

    The NAUTIS (Naval Autonomous Tactical Information System) originally included the Link 11 system as installed in the Royal New Zealand Navy's Leander-classfrigatesas part of the mid-life upgrades in the 1980s HMNZS Canterbury; NAUTIS versions were also found on the Royal NavyHunt-class minesweepers. Technical Characteristics[edit]

  9. Navies of landlocked countries - Wikipedia

    Paraguay – The Paraguayan Navy has around a dozen vessels and several thousand personnel. It operates on the country's major rivers, notably the Paraguay River and the Paraná River. Vessels could reach the open sea by traveling downriver through Argentina. The Paraguayan Navy served in the Paraguayan War and in the Chaco War.