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  2. Singapore Army - Wikipedia

    The Singapore Army is the land service branch of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). It is the largest of the three services and primarily a conscript army that in the event of national exigencies or war, morphs itself from peacetime to a war footing by mobilising almost all of its combined combat power by calling up operationally-ready military ...

  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Iran) - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Persian: وزارت امور خارجه, romanized: Vezārat-e Omūr-e Khārejeh) is an Iranian government ministry headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is a member of cabinet.

  4. 2015 Southeast Asian Games - Wikipedia

    The 2015 Southeast Asian Games (Malay: Sukan Asia Tenggara 2015; Chinese: 2015年东南亚运动会; pinyin: 2015 Nián dōngnányà yùndònghuì), officially known as the 28th Southeast Asian Games and commonly known as Singapore 2015, was a Southeast Asian multi-sport event held by the city-state of Singapore from 5 to 16 June 2015, It was the fourth time the country hosted the games.

  5. Television in Singapore - Wikipedia

    On 1 October 2002, Singapore Cable Vision merged with Singapore telecommunications company Starhub to create StarHub Cable Vision, a pay TV service with more than 40 international channels of news, movies, entertainment, sports, music and education. The service has been known as StarHub TV since 2007.

  6. Ministry of State Security (China) - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of State Security (abbreviation: MSS; Chinese: 国家安全部; pinyin: Guójiā Ānquán Bù; lit. 'State Security Ministry'; IPA : [kwǒ.tɕjá án.tɕʰɥɛ̌n pû] ) is the civilian intelligence , security and secret police agency of the People's Republic of China , responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence ...

  7. Lion head symbol of Singapore - Wikipedia

    Extracted from Guidelines on the use of National Symbols: The Singapore Lion Symbol (July 1999) published by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts: Subject to approval, organisations can use the Singapore Lion Symbol for the purpose of identifying with the nation and with the endeavour to achieve excellence for Singapore.

  8. Sedition Act (Singapore) - Wikipedia

    The Sedition Act is a significant restriction on the right to freedom of speech and expression guaranteed to Singapore citizens by Article 14 of the Constitution. Article 14(2)(a) states that Parliament may by law impose restrictions on this right where it is necessary or expedient in the interest of, among other things, the security of Singapore or public order.

  9. JianHao Tan - Wikipedia

    Early life and education. Tan was born on 14 June 1993 in Singapore. At 8 years old, his father was posted to Cambodia by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Tan moved there with his family. He then moved to Hanoi, Vietnam and studied in United Nations International School of Hanoi until he graduated high school. [citation needed] Career