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  2. Lion head symbol of Singapore - Wikipedia

    The lion head symbol of Singapore. The lion head symbol was introduced in 1986 as an alternative national symbol of Singapore. The lion head was chosen as a nice logo, as it best captures the characteristics of Singapore's reputation as a Lion City. It is used in less formal occasions mainly to promote Singapore's national identity.

  3. Flag of Singapore - Wikipedia

    History. Singapore was under British rule in the 19th century, having been amalgamated into the Straits Settlements together with Malacca and Penang.The flag that was used to represent the Settlements was a British Blue Ensign defaced with a red diamond containing three gold crowns—one for each settlement—separated by a white inverted pall, which resembles an inverted Y.

  4. Culture of Singapore - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Education claims that "The system of meritocracy in Singapore ensures that the best and brightest, regardless of race, religion and socio-economic background, are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. Everyone has access to education, which equips them with skills and knowledge to earn a better living."

  5. List of flags of Indonesia - Wikipedia

    Black colour with the Ministry of Defence Seal on the centre. Flag of the Ministry of Home Affairs. White colour with the Ministry of Home Affairs Seal on the centre. Flag of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. Flag of the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning.

  6. List of Hwa Chong Institution people - Wikipedia

    Sharon Au (欧菁仙), former MediaCorp actress; graduated from HCJC. Adam Chen (詹金泉), MediaCorp actor; graduated from TCHS and HCJC. Chua Lam (蔡澜), food critic, columnist and television personality. Kuo Pao Kun (郭宝崑), playwright, theatre director and arts activist; attended TCHS in the 1950s.

  7. Srulik - Wikipedia

    Srulik. The Peace Kids in Florentin depicting Israeli Srulik and Palestinian Handala embracing one another. Srulik ( Hebrew: שרוליק, IPA: [ˈsʁulik]) is a cartoon character symbolizing Israel. The character was created in 1956 by the Israeli cartoonist Kariel Gardosh, known by his pen name Dosh. The cartoon appeared for many years in the ...

  8. Flag of Japan - Wikipedia

    The national flag of Japan is a rectangular white banner bearing a crimson-red circle at its center. This flag is officially called the Nisshōki (日章旗, 'flag of sun'), but is more commonly known in Japan as the Hinomaru (日の丸, 'circle of the sun'). It embodies the country's sobriquet: the Land of the Rising Sun .

  9. Motion picture content rating system - Wikipedia

    Motion pictures are rated by the Austrian Board of Media Classification (ABMC) for the Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (Bundesministerium für Unterricht, Kunst und Kultur). The recommendations made by the ABMC are generally not legally binding and there are nine sets of state laws on the cinema sector with different age provisions.