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  2. Flag of Singapore - Wikipedia

    History. Singapore was under British rule in the 19th century, having been amalgamated into the Straits Settlements together with Malacca and Penang.The flag that was used to represent the Settlements was a British Blue Ensign defaced with a red diamond containing three gold crowns—one for each settlement—separated by a white inverted pall, which resembles an inverted Y.

  3. National symbols of Singapore - Wikipedia

    " Majulah Singapura " ("Onward Singapore") is the national anthem of Singapore. Composed by Zubir Said in 1958 as a theme song for official functions of the City Council of Singapore, the song was selected in 1959 as the island's anthem when it attained self-government.

  4. 2000 in Singapore - Wikipedia

    Singapore's first Internet Home is launched in Bishan, allowing families to enjoy better services on the Internet and convenience. The Brani Naval Base is permanently closed. 13 October – The Ministry of Education launches a new sexuality education curriculum called the Framework for Sexuality Education and The 'Growing Years' Series.

  5. Father of the Nation - Wikipedia

    The Father of the Nation is an honorific title given to a person considered the driving force behind the establishment of a country, state, or nation. Pater Patriae (plural Patres Patriae ), also seen as Parens Patriae, was a Roman honorific meaning the "Father of the Fatherland", bestowed by the Senate on heroes, and later on emperors.

  6. 1998 in Singapore - Wikipedia

    28 February – The Ministry of Education launches the Learning Journeys programme for students to learn about Singapore outside the classroom. March The ICA Building. 3 March – The Singapore Immigration and Registration (SIR) Building (now the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Building) is officially opened.

  7. 2007 in Singapore - Wikipedia

    As a result, PrimaDeli is fined a maximum of $5,000 on 7 March 2008. 6 to 15 December – Team Singapore participated in the 2007 Southeast Asian Games in Thailand and won 43 gold, 43 silver and 41 bronze medals. 16 December - Singapore Idol winner Hady Mirza participated, and won Asian Idol.

  8. 2013 in Singapore - Wikipedia

    August. 5 August – 2013 dengue outbreak in Singapore: The number of reported dengue cases reached about 14,000 at the time (including six deaths), surpassing the former record of 14,209 cases from 2005. This becomes the worst dengue epidemic in Singapore (since surpassed in 2020), with a total 22,318 cases (including eight deaths) logged by ...

  9. Education in Russia - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Education and Scienceregulates only a brief pre-school preparation program for the 5–6-year-old children. In 2004 the government attempted to charge the full cost of kindergartens to the parents; widespread public opposition caused a reversal of policy.