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  2. National symbols of Singapore - Wikipedia

    " Majulah Singapura " ("Onward Singapore") is the national anthem of Singapore. Composed by Zubir Said in 1958 as a theme song for official functions of the City Council of Singapore, the song was selected in 1959 as the island's anthem when it attained self-government.

  3. Lion head symbol of Singapore - Wikipedia

    The lion head symbol was introduced in 1986 as an alternative national symbol of Singapore. The lion head was chosen as a nice logo, as it best captures the characteristics of Singapore's reputation as a Lion City. It is used in less formal occasions mainly to promote Singapore's national identity.

  4. Flag of Singapore - Wikipedia

    A horizontal bicolour of red and white; charged in white in the canton with a crescent facing the fly and a pentagon of five stars representing the nation's ideals. The Flag of Singapore was adopted in 1959, the year Singapore became self-governing within the British Empire. It remained the national flag upon the country's independence from ...

  5. Culture of Singapore - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Education claims that "The system of meritocracy in Singapore ensures that the best and brightest, regardless of race, religion and socio-economic background, are encouraged to develop to their fullest potential. Everyone has access to education, which equips them with skills and knowledge to earn a better living."

  6. Prime Minister of Russia - Wikipedia

    Chernomyrdin resumed chairing the government, followed up by non-partisans and acting office holders. On 8 May 2008, Vladimir Putin took the office for a second term, now as a member of United Russia. Current Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin took the office on 16 January 2020.

  7. Singapore Zoo - Wikipedia

    The Singapore Zoo, formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens or Mandai Zoo, is a 28 hectares (69 acres) zoo located on the margins of Upper Seletar Reservoir within Singapore 's heavily forested central catchment area. Opened in 1973, the zoo was built at a cost of $9 million that was granted by the government of Singapore.

  8. List of Hwa Chong Institution people - Wikipedia

    Sam Tan Chin Siong (陈振泉), former Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Social and Family Development; graduated from HCJC in 1976; Singapore Armed Forces personnel. Goh Si Hou (吴仕豪), current Chief of the Singapore Army; graduated from HCJC in 1996.

  9. 1998 in Singapore - Wikipedia

    28 February – The Ministry of Education launches the Learning Journeys programme for students to learn about Singapore outside the classroom. March The ICA Building. 3 March – The Singapore Immigration and Registration (SIR) Building (now the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Building) is officially opened.