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  2. Ministry of National Defense (South Korea) - Wikipedia

    History. The Ministry of National Defense was established on 15 August 1948 and located at Yongsan-dong, Yongsan District, Seoul. It was established following the foundation of ROK in 1948, superseding the Department of Internal Security (DIS, 국내경비부) in charge of Southern Korean armed forces under the United States Army Military Government (USAMGIK) during the Allied occupation era.

  3. Education in Kuwait - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Education in Kuwait is also trying to foster the use of information technology in schools by including e-learning in the curriculum. For fourteen-year-olds in 2006, there were 13 students per computer on average in Kuwait's public schools.

  4. Low birth rate in South Korea - Wikipedia

    But the pool of able-bodied draftees is projected to shrink by nearly half over the next two decades, according to South Korea’s Defense Ministry. Economy. The population decline resulting from a low fertility rate could diminish South Korea's potential economic growth to less than 2% as the labor force declines.

  5. Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China (MOH) was a cabinet-level executive department which plays the role of providing information, raising health awareness and education, ensuring the accessibility of health services, and monitoring the quality of health services provided to citizens and visitors in the mainland of the People's Republic of China.

  6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Israel) - Wikipedia

    The ministry's role is to implement Israel's foreign policy, and promote economic, cultural, and scientific relations with other countries. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located in the government complex in Givat Ram, Jerusalem. Yair Lapid currently holds the Foreign Ministry post.