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  2. Education in Jamaica - Wikipedia

    The tourism education program has also led the Ministry of Education to edit some of the textbooks to be used in schools, with other texts being developed. With the preparation of the new textbooks comes the training of tourism teachers, with an understanding of "Who is a Tourist, Why People Travel, the Importance of Tourism, Anti Harassment ...

  3. List of education ministries - Wikipedia

    An education ministry is a national or subnational government agency politically responsible for education. Various other names are commonly used to identify such agencies, such as Ministry of Education, Department of Education, and Ministry of Public Education, and the head of such an agency may be a minister of education or secretary of education.

  4. Ministry of External Affairs (India) - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of External Affairs (abbreviated as MEA; Hindi: विदेश मंत्रालय, romanized: Videśa Mantrālaya) of India is the government agency responsible for implementing Indian foreign policy. The Ministry of External Affairs is headed by the Minister of External Affairs, a Cabinet Minister.

  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Iran) - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Persian: وزارت امور خارجه, romanized: Vezārat-e Omūr-e Khārejeh) is an Iranian government ministry headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, who is a member of cabinet.

  6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Lithuania) - Wikipedia

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Respublikos užsienio reikalų ministerija) is a governmental body of the Republic of Lithuania that shapes the national policy, and organises, coordinates, and controls its enforcement in the following areas: foreign affairs and security policy: international relations, economic security, foreign trade ...

  7. List of Assemblies of God schools - Wikipedia

    Jamaica. Assemblies of God Bible College, Christiana, Jamaica; Puerto Rico. Caribbean Theological College, Bayamón, Puerto Rico (A.A., B.A.) United States. In the United States, AG schools are affiliated with the Assemblies of God USA. Bible and theological. Latin American Bible Institute, California, La Puente, California

  8. Jamaica Defence Force - Wikipedia

    The Jamaica Regiment - The Jamaica Regiment is the operationalization of a terrestrial and combat focused Regular Force formation with an overarching operational headquarters in command of five battalions; the First, Second, Fourth and Fifth Battalions the Jamaica Regiment (1, 2, 4, 5 JR) and the Combat Support Battalion (Cbt Sp Bn).

  9. Education in Trinidad and Tobago - Wikipedia

    Education in Trinidad and Tobago is free and is largely and primarily based on the British education system, compulsory between ages 5 and 16. Trinidad and Tobago is considered one of the most educated countries in the World with a literacy rate exceeding 98%. [2]