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  2. Access Database Engine - Wikipedia

    The Access Database Engine (also Office Access Connectivity Engine or ACE and formerly Microsoft Jet Database Engine, Microsoft JET Engine or simply Jet) is a database engine on which several Microsoft products have been built. The first version of Jet was developed in 1992, consisting of three modules which could be used to manipulate a database.

  3. Image Mastering API - Wikipedia

    Image Mastering API. The Image Mastering Application Programming Interface, or IMAPI, is a component of Microsoft Windows operating system used for CD and DVD authoring and recording. Windows applications such as Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Windows Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker, and Windows Explorer use IMAPI to create ISO 9660 ...

  4. OLE DB - Wikipedia

    OLE DB ( Object Linking and Embedding, Database, sometimes written as OLEDB or OLE-DB ), an API designed by Microsoft, allows accessing data from a variety of sources in a uniform manner. The API provides a set of interfaces implemented using the Component Object Model (COM); it is otherwise unrelated to OLE.

  5. Windows Preinstallation Environment - Wikipedia

    The executable image for Automatic Repair is startrep.exe System Restore: Same as the System Restore that is included in Windows, it allows a system's settings to be restored to those of a previous state. System Image Recovery: Same as the Backup and Restore component of Windows, it allows restoring a previously created disk image.

  6. Alcohol 120% - Wikipedia

    Alcohol 120% is a disk image emulator created by Alcohol Soft. It can create and mount disc images in the proprietary Media Descriptor File format. Images in this format consist of a pair of .mds and .mdf files. Alcohol 120% can also convert image files to the ISO format. Alcohol Soft has cited it will not be developing an image editor for ...

  7. Windows Imaging Format - Wikipedia

    The Windows Imaging Format ( WIM) is a file -based disk image format. It was developed by Microsoft to help deploy Windows Vista and subsequent versions of the Windows operating system family, as well as Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs. [3] Contents 1 Design 2 Tools 2.1 ImageX 2.2 DISM 2.3 Support in other operating systems 3 See also

  8. Media Descriptor File - Wikipedia

    A disc image is a computer file replica of the computer files and file system of an optical disc. Unlike an ISO image, a Media Descriptor File can contain multiple layers (as used in dual-layer recording) and multiple optical disc tracks. Like the IMG file format, a Media Descriptor File is a "raw" image of an optical disc. The word raw implies ...

  9. Ghost (disk utility) - Wikipedia

    Released December 14, 2001, Ghost 7.5 creates a virtual partition, a DOS partition which actually exists as a file within a normal Windows file system. This significantly eased systems management because the user no longer had to set up their own partition tables. Ghost 7.5 can write images to CD-R discs. Later versions can write DVDs .