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  2. Access Database Engine - Wikipedia

    The Access Database Engine (also Office Access Connectivity Engine or ACE and formerly Microsoft Jet Database Engine, Microsoft JET Engine or simply Jet) is a database engine on which several Microsoft products have been built. The first version of Jet was developed in 1992, consisting of three modules which could be used to manipulate a database.

  3. WinAce - Wikipedia

    WinAce is a legacy archiving app for Windows. It works primarily with the eponymous ACE archive format but supports ZIP, RAR and CAB. The app is not free, but its developer also developed a freeware, CLI app called Unace for macOS and Linux that extracts archive files. Beginning with version 2.65, WinAce was bundled with the WhenU SaveNow ...

  4. Download, install, or uninstall AOL Desktop Gold - AOL Help

    Click the Downloads folder. 3. Double click the Install_AOL_Desktop icon. 4. Click Run. 5. Click Install Now. 6. Restart your computer to finish the installation.

  5. Microsoft Data Access Components - Wikipedia

    Microsoft Data Access Components ( MDAC; also known as Windows DAC) is a framework of interrelated Microsoft technologies that allows programmers a uniform and comprehensive way of developing applications that can access almost any data store. Its components include: ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), OLE DB, and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).

  6. McAfee Multi Access: Installing and Uninstalling - AOL Help

    3. On McAfee's website, make sure Mac is selected and click Download. 4. Click the checkbox under "Read the McAfee License Agreement." 5. On the Download Instructions window, click Download.- Note: Copy or write down the serial number displayed on the page. 6. Wait for the file to downloaded and then click it to open it.

  7. Download and install the latest Java Virtual Machine in ... - AOL

    1. Go to 2. Click Free Java Download. 3. Click Agree and Start Free Download. 4. Click Run. Notes: If prompted by the User Account Control window, click Yes. If prompted by the...

  8. ActiveX Data Objects - Wikipedia

    In computing, Microsoft's ActiveX Data Objects(ADO) comprises a set of Component Object Model(COM) objectsfor accessing data sources. A part of MDAC(Microsoft Data Access Components), it provides a middlewarelayer between programming languagesand OLE DB(a means of accessing data stores, whether databasesor not, in a uniform manner).

  9. OLE DB - Wikipedia

    OLE DB ( Object Linking and Embedding, Database, sometimes written as OLEDB or OLE-DB ), an API designed by Microsoft, allows accessing data from a variety of sources in a uniform manner. The API provides a set of interfaces implemented using the Component Object Model (COM); it is otherwise unrelated to OLE.