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    Recovers mail from popular email programs: Outlook®, Outlook Express®, Thunderbird, Netscape® Mail, and Eudora®. StrongScan ™ Finds more deleted data than other products, even years after deletion.

  3. MobileMe - Wikipedia

    MobileMe (branded iTools between 2000 and 2002; .Mac until 2008) is a discontinued subscription-based collection of online services and software offered by Apple Inc. All services were gradually transitioned to and eventually replaced by the free iCloud, and MobileMe ceased on June 30, 2012, with transfers to iCloud being available until July 31, 2012, or data being available for download ...

  4. Posting style - Wikipedia

    When a message is replied to in e-mail, Internet forums, or Usenet, the original can often be included, or "quoted", in a variety of different posting styles.. The main options are interleaved posting (also called inline replying, in which the different parts of the reply follow the relevant parts of the original post), bottom-posting (in which the reply follows the quote) or top-posting (in ...

  5. History of the World Wide Web - Wikipedia

    Microsoft added a little noticed feature in 1999 called XMLHttpRequest to MSIE. Developers at Oddpost used this feature in 2002 to create the first Ajax application, a webmail client that performed as well as a desktop application. Ajax apps were revolutionary. Web pages evolved beyond static documents to full-blown applications.