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  2. Xbox - Wikipedia

    On June 13, 2016, Microsoft announced the Xbox One S at E3 2016, which featured a smaller form factor, as well as support for 4K video (including streaming and Ultra HD Blu-ray) and HDR. At E3 2017, Microsoft unveiled Xbox One X , a high-end model with improved hardware designed to facilitate the playing of games at 4K resolution.

  3. Microsoft Office - Wikipedia

    Microsoft Word is a word processor included in Microsoft Office and some editions of the now-discontinued Microsoft Works. The first version of Word, released in the autumn of 1983, was for the MS-DOS operating system and introduced the computer mouse to more users.

  4. Microsoft Office XP - Wikipedia

    History. At a meeting with financial analysts in July 2000, Microsoft demonstrated Office XP, then known by its codename, Office 10, which included a subset of features Microsoft designed in accordance with what at the time was known as the .NET strategy, one by which it intended to provide extensive client access to various web services and features such as speech recognition.

  5. Microsoft Outlook - Wikipedia

    Microsoft Outlook is a personal information manager software system from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Though primarily an email client, Outlook also includes such functions as calendaring, task managing, contact managing, note-taking, journal logging, and web browsing.

  6. Microsoft SideWinder - Wikipedia

    Microsoft SideWinder was the general name given to the family of digital game controllers developed by Microsoft for PCs.The line was first launched in 1995. Although intended only for use with Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SideWinder game controllers can also be used with macOS, Mac OS 9 with third-party software, and Linux.

  7. Microsoft Online Services - Wikipedia

    One reason can be that the type of support requests will differ from service requests for Microsoft products the customer runs on his own infrastructure: when a company opens a support question because they have problems with mail-sending using Outlook and their own Microsoft Exchange Server the technical side of such a support request is ...

  8. Microsoft 365 - Wikipedia

    Microsoft 365, formerly Office 365, is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft which adds to and includes the Microsoft Office product line. The brand was launched on July 10, 2017, for a superset of Office 365 with Windows 10 Enterprise licenses and other cloud-based security and device management products.

  9. List of Xbox One games - Wikipedia

    This is a list of Xbox One games planned or released either at retail or via download. There are currently 2921 games on both parts of this list.