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  2. Member Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    member noun mem· ber ˈmem-bər 1 : a part (as an arm, leg, leaf, or branch) of an animal or plant 2 : one of the individuals or units of a group or organization a club member 3 : a part of a whole and especially of a structure a horizontal member of a bridge 4 a : the whole expression on one side or the other of a mathematical equation or inequality

  3. 52 Synonyms & Antonyms of MEMBER - Merriam-Webster

    How is the word member distinct from other similar nouns? Some common synonyms of member are division, fragment, part, piece, portion, section, and segment. While all these words mean "something less than the whole," member suggests one of the functional units composing a body. a structural member.

  4. Member Definition & Meaning |

    member / ( ˈmɛmbə) / noun a person who belongs to a club, political party, etc any individual plant or animal in a taxonomic group a member of the species any part of an animal body, such as a limb another word for penis any part of a plant, such as a petal, root, etc maths any individual object belonging to a set or logical class

  5. 1. a person who belongs to a club, political party, etc. 2. (Biology) any individual plant or animal in a taxonomic group: a member of the species. 3. (Zoology) any part of an animal body, such as a limb. 4. (Anatomy) another word for penis. 5. (Botany) any part of a plant, such as a petal, root, etc.

  6. See definition of member on noun part of a group noun appendage noun penis synonyms for member Compare Synonyms representative affiliate associate branch chapter component comrade constituent cut division joiner offshoot parcel piece portion post section segment unit See also synonyms for: members antonyms for member MOST RELEVANT

  7. Member Home

    -A A A+ Employees' Provident Fund Organisation, India Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India Universal Account Number (UAN) MEMBER e-SEWA UAN Password Captcha Sign in Reset Forgot Password ? Dear EPF Members !! No last date is declared by EPFO for filing e-Nomination. e-Nomination is not mandatory for filing of advance claim.

  8. Members - C# Programming Guide | Microsoft Learn

    A class's members include all the members declared in the class, along with all members (except constructors and finalizers) declared in all classes in its inheritance hierarchy. Private members in base classes are inherited but are not accessible from derived classes. The following table lists the kinds of members a class or struct may contain: Member.

  9. @MEMBER - Oracle

    Typically, the @MEMBER function is used in combination with string functions that are used to manipulate character strings to form the name of a member. In the following example, the member name QTR1 is appended to the character string 2000_ to form the string 2000_QTR1. The @MEMBER function returns the member 2000_QTR1 and QTD is set to the value of this member.

  10. Online Banking | Member One FCU

    Online Banking | Member One FCU Home Convenience Online Banking Online Banking Enroll Today Get Login Help Manage your Member One accounts quickly and easily from any device. By enrolling in Online Banking you can: Access account balances Track budgets Transfer funds Set up automatic payments Reorder checks Receive mobile alerts Stop payments

  11. Members | Medical Mutual

    My Health Plan is your personal, secure and convenient member website. My Health Plan puts you in control by helping you get the most out of your health and health plan. Once you receive your ID card from Medical Mutual, get started and register for My Health Plan.