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  2. Business communication - Wikipedia

    Business communication is the process of sharing information between employees within and outside a company. [1] The way people communicate and operate within a business is very vital to the companies success in the business world. Communication in business is more than just talking about the jobs that need to be done or jobs that are in progress.

  3. Communication - Wikipedia

    Communication (from the Latin communicare, meaning "to share" or "to be in relation with") [1] [2] [3] is "an apparent answer to the painful divisions between self and other, private and public, and inner thought and outer world." [4] As this definition indicates, communication is difficult to define in a consistent manner, [5] [6] because in ...

  4. Workplace communication - Wikipedia

    It includes e-mails, videoconferencing, text messages, notes, calls, etc. Effective communication is critical in getting the job done, as well as building a sense of trust and increasing productivity. Workers may have different cultures and backgrounds, and can be used to different norms.

  5. Organizational communication - Wikipedia

    Abbreviations are used to indicate the two-way flow of information or other transactions, e.g. B2B is "business to business". Duplex point-to-point communication systems, computer networks, non-electronic telecommunications, and meetings in person are all possible with the use of these terms. Examples: In Business B2B ( business-to-business)

  6. Communications management - Wikipedia

    1) Communication is a linking process of management. 2) Communication is the primary means by which people obtain and exchange information. 3) The most time‐consuming activity a manager engages in is communication. 4) Information and communication represent power in organizations.

  7. Marketing communications - Wikipedia

    One of the primary goals of marketing communication is to persuade consumers or businesses, by either changing their perception of a brand, product, or service or persuading them to purchase (or feel motivated / tempted to purchase) a product or service. The "Elaboration Likelihood Model" is used to demonstrate how persuasion occurs.

  8. Strategic communication - Wikipedia

    The deliberate application of the specific content will help achieve the business goal clearly. While communication is something that does happen in the organisation, businesses that take steps to implement sound strategies impacting the effectiveness of their business communications can achieve measurable results.

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    related to: meaning of business communication