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  2. National Organization for Marriage - Wikipedia

    After pro-same-sex-marriage Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava withdrew from the race, Hoffman lost to Democrat Bill Owens, who also opposed gay marriage, by a 2.3% margin. [66] [67] State senators said that this congressional race affected the New York State Senate's December 2, 2009 vote against same-sex marriage legislation; [68] [69] all ...

  3. Apple Inc. litigation - Wikipedia

    In 2014, Apple settled out of court both an antitrust lawsuit and a related class-action suit regarding cold calling employees of other companies.. iOS Fees Litigation. Cap.A class-action lawsuit was filed in the California Northern District District Court by iOS app developers, alleging that Apple abuses its control of the iOS App Store to require its 30% revenue cut and its US$99 developer fee.

  4. 2021 United States Capitol attack - Wikipedia

    Rudy Giuliani repeated conspiracy theories that voting machines used in the election were "crooked" and at 10:50 called for "trial by combat". Eastman asserted that balloting machines contained "secret folders" that altered voting results. At 10:58, a Proud Boys contingent left the rally and marched toward the Capitol Building.

  5. Criticism of Apple Inc. - Wikipedia

    In mid-2012, Apple introduced the Retina display MacBook Pro with a slimmer and lighter design. After its release, many criticized the new MacBook Pro design for introducing trade-offs such as RAM soldered to the motherboard , the battery being glued to the aluminum uni-body chassis, the LED screen being fused to the front glass, and the use of ...

  6. 2020 United States presidential election - Wikipedia

    The 2020 United States presidential election was the 59th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. The Democratic ticket of former vice president Joe Biden and the junior U.S. senator from California Kamala Harris defeated the incumbent Republican president Donald Trump and incumbent vice president Mike Pence.

  7. Donald Trump sexual misconduct allegations - Wikipedia

    During the show, Daniels said Trump (divorced at the time) agreed to make an appearance because: "You kissed me on the lips in front of the paparazzi, and I said, 'That'll cost you. I'm booking you on the show.'" Trump replied that the kiss was "so open and nice", and that he thought Daniels' husband "had his back turned at the time".

  8. Removal of Confederate monuments and memorials - Wikipedia

    Michael J. McAfee, curator of history at the West Point Museum, said "There are no monuments that mention the name Benedict Arnold. What does this have to do with the Southern monuments honoring the political and military leaders of the Confederacy? They, like Arnold, were traitors.

  9. 9/11 conspiracy theories - Wikipedia

    Later, another Conservative Party candidate called for the leader of the New Democratic Party to fire a candidate for her pro-9/11 truth views. Zijad Delic , head of the Canadian Islamic Congress , Canada's largest Muslim advocacy organization, is trying to remove 9/11 conspiracy theorists from its board, in an effort to what he describes as ...