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  2. Web 2.0 - Wikipedia

    Web 1.0. Web 1.0 is a retronym referring to the first stage of the World Wide Web's evolution, from roughly 1991 to 2004. According to Graham Cormode and Balachander Krishnamurthy, "content creators were few in Web 1.0 with the vast majority of users simply acting as consumers of content".

  3. Adobe Flash - Wikipedia

    Harman (2021–present for enterprise users); Zhongcheng (2017–present in China) Adobe Inc. (2005–2020) Macromedia (1996–2005); FutureWave (1993–1996)

  4. Pretty Good Privacy - Wikipedia

    Also in 2010, Intel Corporation acquired McAfee. In 2013, the McAfee E-Business Server was transferred to Software Diversified Services, which now sells, supports, and develops it under the name SDS E-Business Server. For the enterprise, Townsend Security currently offers a commercial version of PGP for the IBM i and IBM z mainframe platforms ...

  5. Qihoo 360 - Wikipedia

    Qihoo 360 (Chinese: 奇 虎 360; pinyin: Qíhǔ Sānliùlíng; approximate pronunciation CHEE-hoo), full name 360 Security Technology Inc., is a Chinese internet security company that has developed the antivirus software programs 360 Safeguard and 360 Mobile Safe, the Web browser 360 Secure Browser, and the mobile application store 360 Mobile Assistant.

  6. List of TCP and UDP port numbers - Wikipedia

    The port number entry was removed from IANA's registry on 2017-05-18. ... 3CX Phone System Management Console/Web ... McAfee EndPoint Encryption Database Server ...

  7. Reinhold Niebuhr - Wikipedia

    Karl Paul Reinhold Niebuhr (June 21, 1892 – June 1, 1971) was an American Reformed theologian, ethicist, commentator on politics and public affairs, and professor at Union Theological Seminary for more than 30 years.

  8. Death of Marilyn Monroe - Wikipedia

    Marilyn Monroe died of a barbiturate overdose late in the evening of Saturday, August 4, 1962, at her 12305 Fifth Helena Drive home in Los Angeles, California. She was 36 years old.

  9. Enhanced 9-1-1 - Wikipedia

    After a national test of Wireless Emergency Alerts (live since 2012) on 3 October 2018, a number of rumours and false statements spread on social media.Among them a tweet by John McAfee that went viral, in which McAfee claimed that the "Predentials alert" involved the E911 system, and that smartphones have a "E911 chip" capable of giving the government access to the phone's location and ...