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  2. Apple Inc. litigation - Wikipedia

    On August 13, 2020, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple as well as Google for antitrust violations and anti-competitive behavior. Epic, which had long since challenged the 30% revenue share that Apple, Google, and other digital storefronts took, had introduced a payment option in Fortnite Battle Royale that day that allowed users to buy microtransactions directly from Epic at a discounted ...

  3. List of whistleblowers - Wikipedia

    UTX offered Mr. Keeth a $1 million severance payment if he would keep quiet, but Keeth rejected the offer. In 1994, UTX paid $150 million to the government and Keeth was awarded a bounty of $22.5 million. 1989 William Schumer: Male Hughes Aircraft: Filed a lawsuit January 1989 alleging fraud by Hughes Aircraft with respect to the B-2 bomber.

  4. United Football League (2009–2012) - Wikipedia

    It was later revealed that this deal included no payment of any kind from CBS Sports, and the UFL was required to pay all projected television production costs (approximately $150,000 per game) up front each week: unlike conventional sports television agreements where the network pays the league and/or team, the UFL actually had to pay CBS ...

  5. Net neutrality in the United States - Wikipedia

    The ideas underlying net neutrality have a long pedigree in telecommunications practice and regulation. Services such as telegrams and the phone network (officially, the public switched telephone network or PSTN) have been considered common carriers under U.S. law since the Mann–Elkins Act of 1910, which means that they have been akin to public utilities and expressly forbidden to give ...