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  2. Canva - Wikipedia

    www .canva .com. Canva is an Australian global multi-national [5] graphic design platform that is used to create social media graphics and presentations. [6] [7] [8] The app includes readymade templates for users to use. Creating an account and using Canva is free, although the majority of high quality elements will need to be paid for in order ...

  3. Business card - Wikipedia

    Business cards are cards bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid. A business card typically includes the giver's name, company or business affiliation (usually with a logo) and contact information such as street addresses, telephone number(s), fax number, e-mail addresses and website. Before the ...

  4. DisplayPort - Wikipedia

    Full-size DisplayPort connector. The standard DisplayPort connector (now referred to as a "full-size" connector to distinguish it from the mini connector): §4.1.1 was the sole connector type introduced in DisplayPort 1.0. It is a 20-pin single-orientation connector with a friction lock and an optional mechanical latch.

  5. Mirror - Wikipedia

    A mirror or looking glass is an object that reflects an image. Light that bounces off a mirror will show an image of whatever is in front of it, when focused through the lens of the eye or a camera. Mirrors reverse the direction of the image in an equal yet opposite angle from which the light shines upon it.

  6. PCI Express - Wikipedia

    Dimensions of PCI Express Mini Cards are 30 mm × 50.95 mm (width × length) for a Full Mini Card. There is a 52-pin edge connector , consisting of two staggered rows on a 0.8 mm pitch. Each row has eight contacts, a gap equivalent to four contacts, then a further 18 contacts.

  7. Offset printing - Wikipedia

    Offset duplicators are made for fast and quick printing jobs; printing up to 12,000 impressions per hour. They are able to print business forms, letterheads, labels, bulletins, postcards, envelopes, folders, reports, and sales literature. Feeder system. The feeder system is responsible for making sure paper runs through the press correctly.

  8. SIM card - Wikipedia

    The mini-SIM (or 2FF) card has the same contact arrangement as the full-size SIM card and is normally supplied within a full-size card carrier, attached by a number of linking pieces. This arrangement (defined in ISO/IEC 7810 as ID-1/000 ) lets such a card be used in a device that requires a full-size card – or in a device that requires a ...