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  2. List of social networking services - Wikipedia

    Myspace: Blog: Young people My World@Mail.Ru: Nearby: People nearby Neopets: Virtual world: Newgrounds: Gaming, filming, audio and artwork composition School, college and friends in Poland Nexopia: Canada Nextdoor: Ning: Create social networks Odnoklassniki: Connect with former classmates in Russia Open Diary: Blog Parler: Free speech ...

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  4. Web 2.0 - Wikipedia

    Some Web 2.0 capabilities were present in the days of Web 1.0, but were implemented differently. For example, a Web 1.0 site may have had a guestbook page for visitor comments, instead of a comment section at the end of each page (typical of Web 2.0). During Web 1.0, server performance and bandwidth had to be considered—lengthy comment ...

  5. Underoath - Wikipedia

    Underoath (stylized as Underøath or UnderOath) is an American rock band from Tampa, Florida.It was founded by lead vocalist Dallas Taylor and guitarist Luke Morton on November 30, 1997, in Ocala, Florida; subsequently, its additional members were from Tampa, including drummer, clean vocalist and last remaining core member Aaron Gillespie.

  6. Lio Tipton - Wikipedia

    Lio Tipton (born Analeigh Tipton; November 9, 1988) is an American actor and fashion model. Tipton is known for being the last eliminated on Cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model and for their roles in the films Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011), Warm Bodies (2013), and Two Night Stand (2014).

  7. OpenID - Wikipedia

    OpenID is an open standard and decentralized authentication protocol promoted by the non-profit OpenID Foundation.It allows users to be authenticated by co-operating sites (known as relying parties, or RP) using a third-party identity provider (IDP) service, eliminating the need for webmasters to provide their own ad hoc login systems, and allowing users to log in to multiple unrelated ...

  8. OneRepublic - Wikipedia

    The album was scheduled for release on June 6, 2006, but the group was dropped by Columbia two months before the album was released. The lead single of that album, "Apologize", was released on April 30, 2006, on Myspace, eventually reaching number one on the Myspace charts. In 2007, OneRepublic released their debut album, Dreaming Out Loud.

  9. Gender differences in social network service use - Wikipedia

    Qualitative work with college student SNS users by Martínez Alemán and Wartman and Managgo et al. have found similar results for both Facebook and MySpace users. Moreover, the work by Managgo et al. discovered not only traditional gender roles and images but sexualisation of female users of MySpace.