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  2. Palestinian National Authority - Wikipedia

    The Palestinian National Authority (PA or PNA; Arabic: السلطة الوطنية الفلسطينية as-Sulṭa al-Waṭanīya al-Filasṭīnīya), commonly known as the Palestinian Authority and officially the State of Palestine, is the Fatah-controlled government body that exercises partial civil control over West Bank areas "A" and "B" as a consequence of the 1993–1995 Oslo Accords.

  3. Minimum wage - Wikipedia

    It is possible for a state to have a lower state minimum wage than the Federally mandated one, like Georgia and Wyoming. Both states have minimum wages of just over $5.00 ($5.45 and $5.15) Most workers in both Georgia and Wyoming are in fact earning the Federal minimum wage due to the 'Fair Labor Standards Act,' but there are a few exceptions.